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Streetfishing in Copenhagen, Denmark

Urban fishing in Denmark. This is how you do streetfishing in Copenhagen.

How to catch loads of cod and many other species of fish in Copenhag city center?

Watch these guys. Absolutely amazing fishing out there. Simple, easy, great fun, great fishing.
Denmark is becoming the new fishing paradise of North Europe. If you ever visit this gorgeous country, do not for get to take your light fishing tackle! You surely will have great time. Big and delicious cods of  Scandinavia are waiting for you!

urbanfishing denmark and street fishing copenhagen

BAGİS - How Turkish Fishing Tracking System Works

The Tracking System of Fishing Ships (BAGİS), tracking information such as identification, location, time, speed, direction of fishermen fishing in the sea, hunting activities and hunted fishery data by means of "GSM and SATELLITE" communication tools and recorded in digital environment It is a remote monitoring system that belongs to the Republic of Turkey  Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

What is the Installation Purpose of BAGİS?
For sustainable fisheries management; fishermanhunting activities of the ships monitoring, increasing effectiveness in audits and Record the data of the products hunted faster is to be taken under.

Which Fishing Vessels BAGİS Will it be covered?
Approximately 90% of the production from the seas providing, fisheries hunting license, height fishing vessels 12 meters in length and above will be in this scope.

How BAGİS Works?
Ship Tracking Device attached to fishing vessels,
Position, speed and direction of the ship taken every minute
the information primarily via GSM, the ship's GSM
If it is out of coverage, SATELLITE
sends it to the Ship Monitoring Center.
The fisherman through this navigational information sent
activities of ships on electronic maps
monitored without interruption.

Electronic Navigation, another part of the system
Fishing activities of the fishing vessel through its notebook and information about the products he hunts in digital environment. It is sent to the Ship Monitoring Center. In this way Statistical data of the products hunted instantly Collected.
Also, thanks to the system, the fishing ship reporting on activities and retrospective inquiries can also be made. After the installation of the system is completed and activated then the need to use the printed logbook Will not. However, the failure of BAGİS Device printed logbook will be used.

Who Are The Vessels Under BAGİS you can watch?
The vessels covered by BAGİS are exclusively
Water of the central and provincial offices of the Ministry of Livestock products under the supervision of authorized products.
Coast Guard, who is legal in charge.
It can be monitored by the command units.

Fishing Vessels in BAGİS Can he watch his activity?
In this system, fishing vessels hunting each other able to monitor and see their activities It is not.

Fishing Ship Authority; What are the responsibilities?
Fishing vessel official (Owner, Equipper or Captain) Keeping the BAGİS Device running and working, In case of failure, by reporting to the relevant places, eliminating the malfunction,
Related to hunting activities and amount of catch by entering the information in the electronic logbook Transmission to the BAGIS center, By no means to the device, including the malfunction.
is responsible for not interfering.

Oman El Bustan Marine Fin Fish Hatchery

This is one of the major marine projects of Oman Aquaculture Development Company (OADC).
El Bustan Marine Fin Fish Hatchery project aims a very positive development for Oman waters, nature, marine life and fishing business.

Oman El Bustan Marine Fin Fish Hatchery
A bsupply of bio-secure io-secure supply of juvenile bream species to developing marine cage farm projects in Oman.

A bream Broodstock, considerably speed up further independent hatchery developments associated with marine cage projects.

The development of broodstocks able to supply juveniles due to all-year spawning (advanced & retarded broodstocks with temperature and photoperiod controls).

Development of marine fin fish hatchery technology which is appropriate for the indigenous bream species found in Omani waters.

Development of marine fin fish technology which optimizes production under Omani conditions.

A free supply of high quality sea water to the existing Aquaculture Centre facilities allowing for extensive research projects to be undertaken by MAFW and other institutes at the Centre.

Operating commercially, providing training for Omani aquaculture technicians in a commercial environment.

A facility, which although operating commercially will be capable of undertaking species development; notably genetic strain selection and nutritional analysis which will be available to further increase efficiencies in marine fin fish production in Oman.

A facility which employs marine fin fish experts who can assist and advise other aquaculture projects being developed in Oman.  Source:


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