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Catching Leerfish in Corsica

Leerfish on popper from the beach in Corsica

Gorgeous water. Perfect weather. Paradise-like shore.. and exciting spinning fishing on the beach. A fantastic day for fishing in Corsica

Fishing in Corsica

Church of Thecla - Saint Thecla's Shrine

Aya Thecla Church ( Aya Tekla,  Hagia Thekla )

Saint Thecla's Shrine and Church of Thecla

The pilgrimage site is dedicated to "The Acts of Paul and Thecla", Thecla died in Selucia (modern Silifke). According to the "Life and Miracles of Thecla" (444/5 c.), Thecla did not die but instead descended into the ground of Selucia.

Saint Thecla's Shrine and Church of Thecla

Saint Thekla lived in the 1 st century AD was a pupil and also a fellow of Saint Paulus one of the most important figures of Christianity.She leaves Konya and arrives in Silifke with influence of Paulus's sermons, and lives in the Meryemlik region at about 1.5 km west of Silifke city center.In 460-470 AD. The basilica possibly devoted to Thekla became one of the most popular centres of Christianity.

Thecla's shrine was a major pilgrimage site in late antiquity, and was visited by Gregory of Nazianzus in 374 upon the death of his mother.

Aya Thecla Church ( Aya Tekla,  Hagia Thekla )

Today when visitors make their way to Ayatekla on the Meryemlik hill outside of Silifke, they can see the remains of a ruined apse and the cave church of Thecla. Both structures have undergone excavation. Remains of other structures are scattered around the hillside, although not all these have been excavated.

Here I am posting two photos from inside the church. And also a video that shows outside of the shrine.

Fishing by Boat in the Bosphorus

Fishing Tours in Istanbul
Amateur fishing enthusiasts want to fish more and this desire increased the number of fishing tours in almost every region of Turkey over the last year.

Actually, the situation in the Bosphorus is different. As you know, everybody comes to mind when it comes to fishing in the Bosphorus  catching horse mackerel on various shores of the Bosphorus with 5-meter rods.

In this picture in Istanbul, renting a boat and sailing to different points of the Bosphorus now included discovering new pastures and new fishing methods. Recently, at many points, more, more fishing tours, captains who rent their boat for fishing have been seen. You can search from both the Anatolian Side and the European Side, from many points in Istanbul, and you can find boat offers and captains on website for fishing on the Bosphorus.

Fishing in Istanbul

There are some points to be aware of for those who go on a fishing tour by boat in the Bosphorus. First of all, although long telescopic rods used on the shore can be used on the boat, this will start to tire you after 15 minutes. Because you are already on the boat and you do not have to throw it away or in a certain area. On the other hand, since the current is too much, the weight of the bullets to be used sometimes reaches 300 grams. For this reason, it will be more practical to use boat reeds or boat reeds (or jig rods) ranging from 120 cm to 200 cm for boat fishing in the Bosphorus. It will be useful to choose the hard ones among the very delicate tip of these straws and the hard ones.

The reel to be used from the boat is as light as possible but at the same time strong. Because 200-300 g of weight and current strength will definitely tire you. However, if you have a machine on hand and you do not always go to the throat by boat, the machine in your hand can also be evaluated.

What is your target fish is important when fishing from the boat in the Bosphorus. The team you will use should be determined accordingly. You can use fake baits and hoes for fish such as horse mackerel, bluefish, bonito, and fresh or live baits such as garfish or horse mackerel are also important for methods such as long fishing lines, which are often used for bluefish.