Swarm of Red Groupers in Mediterranean Sea

Red Grouper Swarm along the Mediterranean coast of Israel A rare capture of amazing underwater life in Israel, as it still remains a good place for groupers to spawn. Red groupers gathering in the rocky shores of Israel Lots of grouper species face extinction or are near threatened because of overfishing all over the world. Especially in Mediterranean, all kind of groupers are highly vulnerable. But this extraordinary filming shows us if we really want to protect them, they will come back and we will always have this glorious fish in our shores. Israel made it. Other countries can do it too.  My Name Is Fish says; stop catching and releasing groupers in Mediterranean. Just don't catch them! Most of the people perfectly know that they may catch one, as they use lures and baits that this species love so much.

How to Get Virginia Fishing License

Virginia Fishing License Information and Fees Virginia is a fishing paradise and it offers excellent angling opportunities. Over 176,000 acres of public lakes and 27,300 miles fishable streams, Virginia provides everything that a freshwater angler would die to get. Do I Need A Fishing License in Virginia Every person who is required to have a license to fish must carry such license with them (electronic copy, printed paper, or annual hard card) at all times. Exceptions Resident or nonresident landowners and their families. Under 16 years of age. Tenants, on the land they rent and occupy. Legally blind persons. Natives who reside on an Indian reservation or a member of the Virginia-recognized tribes. Persons 65 years of age no need saltwater license Where to Get a Virginia Fishing License You can purchase it online at In Person: sold by hundreds of license agents around the state. By Phone: (804) 367-1000 during regular business hours. Virginia Fishing License Fee

How to Skin a Flatfish

Skinning a flatfish seems difficult for many people who are not much into eating fish with thick skin.  Apparently it's not that difficult at all. In fact, flatfish is one of the easiest fish for skinning and filleting. This fishmonger from the UK explain us how to do it easily and properly. Skinning a flat fish has never been this simple and easy before. Skinning a big fresh flatfish Fact: did you know?  Halibut, soles, flounders, plaice and turbot are all flat fishes.  My name is fish always buys his sea food from the local fishermen. I hope you guys also do same.

How to eat the world's most smelliest fish

How to eat the world's most smelliest fish. How do you like your rotten herring, sir? When you go to a classy Scandinavian seafood restaurant in Sweden, you might see something like this "Surströmming" in the menu. Order it and embrace the world's smelliest fish in your dish! Surströmming is a traditional Swedish food. Actually it belongs to entire Baltic region. But let's say Sweden is the capital of this rotten herring dish. Yes, you heard me right; I call is rotten herring. Because it smells like that. I want to eat Surströmming. Show me how to do it right way. Surströmming is a salted fermented Baltic Sea herring. It's been on the dinner tables since 16th century. This guy sounds like a master of eating surströmming

Top 10 Australian Fishing Lure Brands

The Best Australian Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Lure Brands. Australia, as one of the world's most amazing fishing paradises and Australians, as some of the world's most devoted and passionate fishermen, undoubtedly, they produce incredibly effective and high quality fishing lures for all kind of needs.  There are so many really, really good lure makers for saltwater, freshwater, trolling, jigging, LRF, topwater and even flyfishing in Australia. And after reading lots of reviews, doing detailed price comparison, checking customer service, popularity and dedication of the brands here we picked the best ones for both locals and international lure fans from all around the world. Top 10 Australian Fishing Lure Brands HALCO (Perth) A true Australian legend, since 1950. There is a Halco product for every fisherman in the world. From the amateur weekend anglers, to professional fisherman, Halco Tackle produces the latest in lure technology to incorporate strength, durability, an

Fishing with turkey

How to catch big fish with turkey We used to buy cheap chicken from the shop, get rid off the skin and use the white flesh of it as the second bait if we can'd find fresh or live shrimp. Even sometimes we were using a whole small chicken for fun and just to tease smaller predators, crabs and even octopuses.  But we have never though of hooking up and whole turkey to catch fish! Today a good friend of mine asked me if I can remember those adventurous days. And then showed me this;    I couldn't believe what I saw! A whole turkey was used as the main bait to catch gigantic groupers! Absolutely crazy and breathtaking excitement. Well, they obviously live around such waters where they can find huge fishes with hungry big mouth. I really am jealous now. delicious turkey meat for grouper. That's it!

The Best Lure Making Suppliers in USA

America's best lure making and tackle building supplies. Don't be afraid of trying to make your own fishing lures. It really is so easy and great fun. Once you start creating your own hard baits or soft plastic lures, you will always want to make more. And the good thing is, there are some amazing online stores out there that provide huge selections of everything you will need to start building your very own fishing lures and whatever you need for your fishing adventures. Here I wanted to share the best suppliers list from my own experiences and many amateur fishermen's opinions from both USA and other countries. SALTY'S If you are a big fan of plugs and wood lure kits, Salty's is absolutely one of the bests. They have a large varieties of all kind of tools, parts, kits. They offer Wood Fishing Lure Kits, Plug Building Hardware, Plug & Lure Building Supplies and more. LURECRAFT LureCraft has been in business for over 48

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