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Suggested Lures and Flies For Trout

Summer is coming and most of us getting excited for the new trout season. But what lures and flies to choose for succesful catching?
Best Lures and Flies For Trout Fishing
Here we have some tips for you. I strongly suggest you -especially beginners- to listen to this trout Pro.  Also see this: Deadliest Lures For Winter Trout

Saudi Arabia Fish Farms and Cultured Species

Fish Farming Systems in Saudi Arabia

Who would think aquaculture is becoming a populer sector in such a desert country?
Freshwater sources are limited in Saudi Arabia and the main source of water is underground water, which is used both for aquaculture and agriculture. Therefore, freshwater farms are distributed all around the country where source of water is accessible.
The only way to establish a freshwater fish farm is to set up a traditional crop farm with the effluent water being used to irrigate crops. Consequently, fish farming and agricultural activities are joint activities. This system is beneficial for both fish health and agricultural production.
Brackish and marine aquaculture is mainly undertaken in huge shrimp farms using ponds and raceways located along the Red Sea cost.

Cultured species
Many species of freshwater, marine fish, shrimps, shellfish and ornamental fish are suitable for aquaculture activities. These species include:

Mainly the white shrimp, P. indicus, constitute the bulk of the aquaculture production in the country, comprising of about 78 percent of the total aquaculture production in 2004 (Fisheries Statistics, 2008). This species is present in the waters around Saudi Arabia and is tolerant to high water salinity. Because of its capability to breed and grow well in high saline waters, this species was found to be the best shrimp species suitable for aquaculture in the country. There were early attempts to culture P. monodon and P. semisulcatus, but failed due to water salinity issues.

Tilapia Farming in Saudi ArabiaNile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) is the main freshwater fish cultured in the country with present production of 2 276 tonnes or about 20 percent of the total aquaculture production in 2004 (Fisheries Statistics, 2006). These are mainly cultured in inland waters, where the freshwater used is also used for agricultural crops irrigation. In the last 10 years, Oreochromis spilurus, a salt tolerant strain of tilapia was introduced from Kenya. This species is now bred and cultured in high saline waters of the Red Sea. The present production of O. spilurus is still very minimal at about 1 percent of the total aquaculture production in 2004 (Fisheries Statistics, 2008).

Other Species 
Other species of fish that have consistently registered an annual production for the last 5-10 years are North Africa catfish (Clarias gariepinus), rabbitfish or siganids (Siganus rivulatus) and flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus). The production of these species, however, is still very low.
Source: FAO

Future of Sailing - Flying Catamaran Above The Water

Imagine a boat not sailing on the surface of the ocean, but flies above the water.

A boat that flies above the waterIn the spirit of progression, Roman Hagara and Hans Peter Steinacher have devised a new 6 meter catamaran that is redefining what's possible on the open ocean. It's a vessel that can reach eye-popping speeds of 36 knots while hardly being affected by the ocean conditions. How, you ask? Because it doesn't sail on the surface of the ocean, but uses a hydro-foil to lift the cat above the water and over the chop while still maintaining maximum speeds. So, we'll let you be the judge...is this the future of sailing?

Dark Lures or Bright Lures: What Is The Best Lure For Pike?

Lure Test For Pike Fishing
There are a lot of diffrerent types, colours and sizes of lures for pike fishing. But do we know what actually pike prefers to attack? What is the favourite colour for such a ruthless underwater predator?
Best Lure For PikeMost of us believe that pike loves bright colours. Yes, but not always. Here you can see an amazing underwater test in different water conditions.

Grouper Fishing in Thailand

How To Catch Grouper in Thailand
Catching Grouper in Thailand is a real fun. Thailand might look so far away on the map (We usually go around Mediterranean to find these crazy bulls of the seas) but if you ever visit there, find some local fishing shops for special grouper lures and have a walk around harbours. You will definitely catch some. 
Grouper Fishing in Thailand

Let's see how these Thaispinners find their way for beautiful groupers.  More for GG fans: Grouper Rig - Hooks and Weights

Carp Fishing in Lillybelle

Carp Fishing in LillybelleLillybelle is a 5.5 acre carp lake created by carp anglers and opened in Spring 2015. Lillybelle is in France, located in the Mayenne region close to the village of St Michel et Chanveaux.
See those happy angerls who are enjoying big catches at a beautiful lanscape.

How to Make Bottle Cap Fishing Lure

Bottle caps are very useful items to create amazing fishing lures.
We all like drinking beer or coke, right? Let's save the caps and see how we can make lures.
Bottle Cap Fishing LureIt is really so easy and takes only couple of minutes. Personally, I have tried my "bottle cap lures" in different waters. It attracts every kind of fish that you usually catch with those expensives ones. Now, let's learn how to do it.