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Malta Fishing Map - Best Fishing Spots in Malta

Finding The Best Fishing Locations in Malta Located in the middle of the Mediterranean, on the migration route of all big fish species, Malta awaits all fishing enthusiasts with its deep coasts, clear waters and climate suitable for fishing at all times of the year. Where to Catch Fish in Malta There are always lots of fish in every corner of the country to catch throughout the year. If you like to fish from the shore, find deeper places for spinning to catch barracuda, dorado ( mahi mahi ), needlefish. little tunny. And get to around ports and little coves for mullets, breams, combers, octopus and smaller rockfish. If you want to catch bigger predators, like swordfish, albacore tuna, greater barracuda and deep sea species like groupers and big dentex, You will find plenty of fishing charters in Malta , especially around the capital Valletta, Marsaxlokk, Marsaskala, Msida, Ghajnsielem in Gozo , which are organised by experienced captains with well equipped boats. Here I want to share

Best Bootfoot Waders - Carp Fishing - Fly Fishing - Spinning

The Best Fishing Bootfoot Waders All the anglers who need to be in the water for fly fishing, spinning, and light freshwater fishing must wear Waders to keep themselves dry. There are so many different types of waders. You have to choose the one you will need for the style of fishing you practice and the weather conditions where you will fish. What Are Bootfoot Waders When you wear waders, you need boots too. Some waders come with water resistant socks only and you have to wear boots separately. But the bootfoot waders come with boots attached already. It's much better and comfortable to use. All you need is to find the right boot (shoe) size for your feet. Recommended Bootfoot Waders Firstly, I would never recommend those cheap ones. They will fail you. You will definitely get wet. And I think you don't have to buy very expensive ones either. Because you really don't need them. FOX Lightweight Bootfoot Chest Waders Perfect for anglers who spend a lot of time fishing in th

How To Catch Big Catfish in France

Fishing Big Catfish in France Have you ever thought you could catch huge catfish in France? If you are a good catfish lover, do not retire from your fishing hobby without experiencing this adventure. Maybe not a world-famous geography yet, but one of the countries with the most productive catfish rivers and lakes in Europe is France. Catfish Catching Techniques in France Catfish are the same all over the world, but when it comes to catching, every region, every river, every lake has its own unique structure and natural living conditions. In this carefully prepared video you will find all the important information that can be useful for catching catfish in France. Philippe Carême, one of the most famous catfish masters in France, briefly tells us about all his experiences and the fine secrets of catching catfish. One day, when you visit this land, famous for its gothic villages, art museums and great wines, you will know what to do if you want to catch these giant fish. Fr

Sardinia Fishing Map

Best Fishing Spots in Sardinia Fishing in Sardinia, Italy is truly an amazing experience. I strongly recommend having a fishing adventure in Sardinia to all the anglers, who are into shore fishing, trolling, jigging and LRF. You will find lot of fish. You will catch a lot of big fish! Today I want to show you the best fishing spots and locations in Sardinia, if you are targeting specific species. Every corner of the island has very rich fishing grounds but you will get more bites, if you are at the right location for the species you want to catch. On this map you will see where to find Amberjack, Seabass, Dentex, Grouper, Bluefin Tuna and Barracuda, which are the most common bigger species we love to catch in Sardinia.  Others: You will find Gilthead-seabream, Sargo, Needlefish, Leerfish, Painted comber, Mullet, and Squid easily, all around the island. Lure and Bait Recommendations Patchinko on for Seabass fishing in Sardinia. Gravity Pencil on http

Best Fishing Season in Sardinia

When To Catch Fish in Sardinia Those who have been fishing in all parts of the Mediterranean call Sardinia "a fishing paradise". And after fishing there last year, I must agree with them. Once you are in Sardinia, Italy you will catch lots and lots of fish. Almost every corner of the island is perfect for fishing. From LRF to big game fishing, there is so much fun and adventure for everyone. Jogging and shore fishing are very popular as much as Sardinia fishing trips for bluefin tuna.  But you have to follow the rules, if you are going to fish in the national parks in the north west and north east of the island, where the marine reserves are protected very well.  Rocky shores, sandy beaches, shallow waters, deep blue cliffs.. You will definitely have the best times of your life while fishing in Sardinia. And like in everywhere else, there are some special seasons for target fishes, if you are after a specific species.  Sardinia Fishing Season The best time to go

Some Plastics Never Go

If one plastic bottle made it into the sea, How long would it take to fully decompose? Last week I visited Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, Cornwall. A perfect aquarium to see interesting fishes and aqua creatures, and even a huge loggerhead sea turtle, which was blind when they found it in Greece. I saw this information board on the wall about plastics. I think this should be seen by more and more people. Especially by the children in every corner of the world. As it says on it, "some plastics never go". Absolutely true. So, please share this on your social media, show it to your kids and friends. It's really important.  Let's see what happens when we throw plastics and similar rubbish into the nature and the sea. Plastic Cutlery 100-1000 years Plastic Bags 10-20 years Plastic Bottles 450 years Drinking Cans 200 years Cigarettes 10 years Cardboard 2 months Toilet Roll 1 month Glass 4000 years Nappies 450 years Fish Hooks 600 years