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Have You Ever Eaten Dried Ling Fish in Sweden?

An Epic Photograph of Ling Fishing Process in Sweden During 1800's Ling is one of the most common Atlantic Ocean fishes to catch and eat by Europeans, especially British, Scandinavians and Spanish. In this historic image of a fisherman in south west of Sweden, you can see how they used to dry the ling fish to trade. It was taken in 1899 by Hedda Ekman.  Ling Facts Ling is a long fish. You can catch a 150 cm long Ling easily from a boat in North Sea. Ling is a deep water fish. Most of them are caught between 100 and 300 metre. A female Ling can carry millions of eggs. About 20-60 millions!

Whitby Fishing Charters And Privet Fishing Trips

Is Whitby the best place for fishing in the North East coast of Britain? I saw a lot of fishing charter boats in Whitby harbour. It was a beautiful sunny day and all of them were at the sea when I was walking around. Later I witnessed some of their return to harbour with lots, lots of fish and happily smiling anglers.  Then I talked to some locals about fishing in Whitby and the other smaller villages around. It seems Whitby fishing charters are one of the best in the UK if you are into fishing in the North Sea and having a wonderful day out on the boat. I saw these boat sings at the harbour. There are some really good and well known  privet fishing trips for larger groups and families, too.  This boat is offering 3 hours fishing trip in Whitby. You can go night fishing as well. They provide tackle, bait and rods. There are a lot of good reviews about this boat. I hope I can go fishing with them someday. You can find more information on These g