The Best Travel Fly Rods

A Detailed Review of The Best Travel Fly Rods For Your Next Trip.

After reading thousands of fishing articles and posts, talking to hundreds of amateur and professional anglers from all around the world and adding my own experiences, I wanted to share these genuine reviews of the best travel fly rods to buy. I picked the most recommended high quality ones with affordable prices. 

Best Travel Fly Rods For Your Next Trip


Guideline has many top scores in fly rod tests in Europe. They have some of the most exceptional fly fishing rods for trout fishing, salmon fishing, grayling, tropical fishing and salt water as well.  

Guideline Elevation T-PAC Switch : If you are looking for a smart fly rod for your trips, holidays and even wild adventures, this one is absolutely a good choice. Elevation T-Pac is a super light, medium fast action range of rods in a travel friendly 6 piece format. Utilising sustainable production and eco friendly components. It has 3 different models and all comes in 6-piece and made with genuinely eco friendly materials. Absolutely a classy Scandinavian. Here you can check out the price of this rod on


Maxcatch Travel Rod is one of the best choices by those who want to take a solid fly rod with affordable prices to their holidays. All the rods come with cordura rod tube. Perfect for your backpack, bicycle, canoe and easy to storage anywhere you stay.

Maxcatch Cruiser Traveler Portable Fly Rod : 6-pieces, Medium Fast action, AA-grade Portuguese cork handle.

Alltime Traveller Fly Fishing Rod : Designed for frequent travelling angler, easy to carry, The action is Medium fast, as a 8-piece rod of only 16 inches.

See the the latest prices of all these rods on

Sensing Traveller Full-well : The Action is Fast, and as a 7-piece of only 18 inches, the casting is surprisingly good.

Maxcatch Professional Nano Traveller : travel-ready fly rod, especially if you are taking a plane. Tip-flex action. 7 pc and affordable price.


Leland continues to offer solutions to make your fly fishing easier and more enjoyable. As one of the best known Fly Fishing Outfitters in the USA ( from Northern California ) Leland is obsessed with only one thing, casting a fly rod as efficiently and effectively as possible. Leland Travel Fly Rods are designed purposefully to take greats casts with you anywhere you go.

Leland Sonoma Traveler : Designed to reward an efficient, compact casting stroke with tight, effortless loops, it can deliver any size dry fly with accuracy and subtlety. Four-piece Sonoma Traveler  Fly Rod comes complete with a nylon covered hard tube for easy travel and protection. And the tube also has an integrated, padded fly reel pouch. This allows you to keep your fly reel attached to you fly rod and still keep your gear safe when traveling or storing.


My uncle used to say "once Orvis, always Orvis". Now I see what he was trying to tell me, as I see more fly fishing enthusiasts owning at least one Orvis travel rod

in their garage. Orvis has over 150 years of rod building experience. It’s no wonder anglers look to them for the highest quality fly rods in the fishing world.


Orvis The Frequent Flyer : This fly rod is travel-ready. It is easy to travel with, packs right into your backpack, saddlebag, even your briefcase. It is seven-piece and perfect for both fresh and saltwater. The Frequent Flyer is the most affordable, high-quality, high-performance travel rods on the market today.  If you wonder how much it costs, see below for the latest prices.


Loop Travel Fly Rods are absolutely exceptional and very popular among travelling anglers all around the world. Loop is typically Scandinavian which is unique, special and beautiful. 


Q-Kit Travel Fly Rod ; From searching for wild brown trout on tiny surface dries to casting monster flies for powerful migratory species, Q kits offer user-friendly outfits at a highly attractive price point. Both Single-handed Kits and Double-handed Kits are available. And it is presented in a robust cordura combined rod and reel tube for secure transportation during travel to your destination.


Cross ST; The Cross ST is a 6pcs fly rod and it has been specifically designed for the travelling angler. Cutting edge materials and depth of design expertise manifests itself in a range of rods that perform to the highest level. The packability of these travel fly rods increase the angler’s mobility.


Daiwa's brilliant design and engineering tradition bringing their them  to a better place in fly rods world. They actually make one of the best travel fly rods ever. And I own one since 2011.

Daiwa Wildnerness Travel Fly Rod : I'm so proud of my Wilderness. I caught lots of fish - grayling, salmon, perch, bass, seabass, mullet etc with it almost everywhere I have travelled last 10 years. From northern Sweden to frozen streams of Ontario, and from hot Greek Islands to North Carolina, this 6piece travel fly rod has always been one of the best travel companions to me ever. Super easy to pack and carry. I am going to buy one for my nephew on his birthday this summer (don't tell him!)


If you are into fly fishing, you most probably know Greys already, the legendary British fly rod maker, since 1968. Greys offers high performance mid-market fly rods for all anglers who desire to get the best one at "normal" price.

Greys GR80 Travel Fly Rods ; the perfect companion for your international travels yet is also at home hiding under the seat of your car for a sneaky few hours on the way home from work. The convenience of 6 section design with the performance of a 4 section rod. Absolute perfection!

Other Brands

There are so many different type of travel fly rods on the market. But many of them are not branded. And lots of them are low quality products. To be honest, I couldn't recommend them to anyone. Fishing while travelling has to be enjoyable. I would hate it, if I take a fly rod to a dream-like location and it disappoints me at the very first cast.  My name is Fish. 


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