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Oman El Bustan Marine Fin Fish Hatchery

This is one of the major marine projects of Oman Aquaculture Development Company. El Bustan Marine Fin Fish Hatchery project aims a very positive development for Oman waters, nature, marine life and fishing business. A bisupply of bio-secure io-secure supply of juvenile bream species to developing marine cage farm projects in Oman. A bream Broodstock, considerably speed up further independent hatchery developments associated with marine cage projects. The development of broodstocks able to supply juveniles due to all-year spawning (advanced & retarded broodstocks with temperature and photoperiod controls). Development of marine fin fish hatchery technology which is appropriate for the indigenous bream species found in Omani waters. Development of marine fin fish technology which optimises production under Omani conditions. A free supply of high quality sea water to the existing Aquaculture Centre facilities allowing for extensive research projects to be undertaken