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Tennessee Trout Fishing - When to Catch, Where to Catch

Fishermen's Guide For Trout Fishing in Tennessee If you are into trout fishing, you are in the right state. Tennessee is fortunate to have an abundant wild trout resource.  Although four species of trout are found in Tennessee, only one, the brook trout, is native to the state. Trout are usually associated with streams of the eastern mountains, but there are many instances where tailwaters, small rivers and spring-fed streams in other portions of Tennessee have temperatures that support these coldwater fish year-round. The Appalachian Mountain range in East Tennessee has approximately 845 miles of stream that support wild populations of Brook, Rainbow, and Brown trout. Most of these streams can be found on public land within the Cherokee National Forest (420 miles of stream) and Great Smoky Mountains National Park (245 miles of stream).  Tennessee Trout Species Brook Trout Tennessee’s only native trout species. At one time, all wild trout water in Tennessee was inhabit