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DUO Lure Factory - How They Create DUO Lures

What is the secret of DUO fishing lures?  DUO Lures are absolutely priceless. But how do they make it? Who is crating all these exceptional lures? This an inside report from DUO Factory that shows us all the technical part of making worlds best fishing lures.  ( This is beginning of the production;   Here you can see the video of the ending process of each lure) Duo's Technical Office is an amazing place. It's like an heaven where imagination and creativity meet the hi-tech. These lures are not made for mass sales at the market. So each lure is a treasure. Here we will see how the mold is created, plastic bodies created and data scanned.

How They Make DUO Lures - DUO Lure Factory

Inside DUO Lure Factory. Let's See How They Make DUO Lures DUO produces some of the world's best fishing lures. But how they make it? How DUO's factory looks like. You can't find these exceptional lures at every fish shop or online fishing store. Because they are not into "mass cheap production". Every lure is hand made. From the design to the finish. They are all carefully crafted, tested and checked again and again. Wherever I travel to, I meet more and more " DUO Lures " ( Designed by Ultimate Organizer )  fans from all around the world. Both freshwater fishermen and saltwater fanatics love these special "things". Absolutely amazing job they do there. You will never miss a trout , a stubborn sea bass, or a wild barracuda, or a fast tuna or even a naughty perch! Let's see an inside report from DUO's factory in Japan .