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Fly Fishing Book Cover from 1790

Fly Fishing Book Cover, The Art of Angling 1790 This is a frontispiece from The Art of Angling, a fishing guide book, written by Richard Brookes in 1790. As we see in it, there are some flies like Ant fly, Palmer, Green Drake, Great Dun, Howthorn, Dun Cut that used by anglers nearly 250 years ago.

Australian Salmon - Kahawai - Newfish - Bay Trout - Black Back, Blackback Salmon - Buck

What do you know about this fish? Let's talk about Eastern Australian Salmon, known as Kahawai in New Zealand. Original Name - Arripis trutta Other Names : Newfish, Bay Trout, Blackback Salmon,, Buck, Cocky Salmon, Colonial Salmon . Colour - Dark bluish-green body (juveniles have golden bars on the upper sides) Where can we see it? - Southern Australia usually Brisbane to Western Victoria, rarely to Western Australia. And New Zealand (including Chatham and Kermadec Islands) Where doet it live? - Found in cooler waters, between depths of 30 m and 39 m. They enter rivers as well. Weight and Size - Typically 1 and 2.5 kg (2.5lb-6lb)  and 30-50cm (Maximum 90 cm) What does it like to eat? - carnivore. Feed mainly on fishes but also on pelagic crustaceans, especially krill. How to catch it? - Catching Eastern Australian Salmon (Video)

A Truly Exciting Mulloway Experience

Mulloway Fishing In Onkaparinga River A good friend of mine has visited Australia last summer and he told me that catching mulloway is a very exciting experience, its like catching grayling in Scandinavia. Today I saw this and I now understand what he means. This guy from South Australia, fishing in Onkaparinga River from the yak, gets lots of mulloways. Each fish looks very, very active and curious. I love this kind of catching. Beautiful day, beautiful fish, perfect filming. Thanks to Harry Steele for sharing this action with us. What do you know about Autumn Topwater Bass Fishing?

Australian Salmon Fishing - Rock Fishing in South Australia

This is how to catch Australian Salmon while rock fishing. I have never caught an Australian salmon in my life. But there is a cool guy, Jack Jacobs, a very keen fisherman from Australia, was shark fishing at the time but.. but then this happened; see the video (insane salmon action) Aren't they so lucky? A beautiful sunny day, gorgeous rocky shore, thousands of salmons swimming within feet of the rock..what a sight! what a joy! Are you into topwater bass fishing?

Autumn Topwater Bass Fishing

Fall has arrived, basses are hungry, are you ready for some hot action? Are you into top water bass fishing? here you go.. see how it strikes.. see what kind of scenes you might witness if you know how to do; where to be.