Seabass on Tackle House Feed Shallow 105

Tackle House Feed Shallow 105

I caught a big seabass on Tackle House Feed Shallow 105

Tackle House Feed Shallow 105 has become one of my favourite lures to catch seabass when the water is still and clear. It's an exciting lure. Floating but feels like sinking. It flies like a bullet over the water surface and easy to control in rough conditions, too.

Needlefish love it, too. Seems they love chasing it as it has a very distinctive tail and head move.

I caught these sea basses on Konoshiro colour. It's really effective in clear waters.

Lure: Tackle House Feed Shallow 105cm, 16gr
Rod: Daiwa
Line: Kastking Masters Mono
Location: A Sandy Beach at Southern Coast of Turkey (Mediterranean Sea)
Catch: Cute Sea Bass

Catching seabass with Feed Shallow Lure

Tackle House lure for sea bass

I cought a sea bass with tackle house feed shallow floating lure

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