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Heavy Casting For Mediterranean Snapper and Dentex

Make your dreams real, catch the biggest Dentex and Snapper. Every angler who lives around Mediterranean Sea dreams to catch a giant dentex or big snappers. These fish are so strong and you feel their awesome strength when you get the first bite. Heavy casting from the beach is not easy. So most of  the amateur fishingmen try catch big snappers and dentex  from the boat in deep waters, but this guy knows how to catch these beautiful creatures from the beach. They also taste so good. Dentex is my favourite fish to grill. And the snapper is best in foil with veggies. Adult dentex can reach a length of 1 metre (3 ft), and weight up to 16 kg (35 lb). Body is oval and compressed. While young dentex are brown-blue with blue fins, adults are grey-blue. And usually found in shallow water less than 50 m deep. Catching these huge fish is an amazing feeling. Also great fun as you will catch them while having a little picnic as you have to wait for the fish to bite. Dentex is a powerful

Rock Fishing in Corsica - How to Catch Big Rock Fish in Corsica

Shores of Corsica are full of big "rock fishes" and if you know what lure s and bait to use, you will never return home with an empty bag. Mediterranean Sea is a paradise for rock fishing . And anglers in Corsica are enjoying this opportunity. As you are going to see in this video, landing really huge rock fish in Corsica is a real fun and exciting adventure. If you have time to travel to neighbouring island Sardinia, check out these pages too:   Sardinia Fishing Map - Best Fishing Spots in Sardinia Best Fishing Season in Sardinia

Sargos Addiction - Deadly Passion For White Seabream

Once Sargos, Always Sargos. It's called "White Seabr, eam" in English. This fish can cause 'addiction" Watch these guys, in Azores, they put their life in danger to catch this gorgeous fish. Believe me, if you ever catch a sargos once, you will never forget it. I go all around the world for fishing and I get many different species but, at the end, I always go to my beloved Sargos. It's the best!

Davy Knot and Double Davy Knot - Detailed Instructions

If you are looking for a very easy and super strong fishing knot, here I have one of the best knots for you. Especially fly fishing enthusiasts and spinners will love it. If you like fishing with small lures and hooks this know will help you a lot. Let's see how to tie the Davy Knot and the Double Davy Knot. Knots Hooks and Weights For Grouper Fishing Palomar Knot For Looped Eye Hooks

Fishing Rig For Grouper - Knots Hooks and Weights For Grouper Fishing

The Best and The Most Simple Grouper Rig Catching a big grouper is every fisherman's dream. And it actually is not that difficult. If you have the right rig, if you go to right place at the right time and of course with a good bait, you will definitely catch a beautiful grouper. The rig here you will see how to make is very common all around the world. I, personally tried it in several different places  and it always worked. How to make a perfect grouper fishing rig?  The answer is, it really is super easy and everybody can do it in a few minutes before heading to the fishing spot.  Here I want to show you some images that show the best and the most simple grouper rig you will need anywhere in the world. My friend from Bahamas uses this rig, and another friend in Cyprus and another fishing buddy in Australia . It just woks perfectly. Groupers are waiting for you, and this is your secret, cheap, simple weapon.  Here    you can see the prices of the mo

Double Twisted Dropper Loop Knot

One of the worst headache for an amateur is tangling leader when you are about to catch some big fish. This "Double Twisted Dropper Loop Fishing Knot' is the only solution. Easy, quick, solid, works perfectly. And this fishing knot will stand up 90 degree even when wet.

Cancun Fishing Calendar

What fish to catch in Cancun during winter and summer. Cancun area is a very popular fishing destination especially for amateurs as well as professional masters of big game fishing. If you too are thinking to travel to Cancun, Mexico for fishing, check this calendar out. As My Name Is Fish team, two of us have been two Cancun twice and had awesome time. There are lots of daily fishing trips. You will definitely catch lots of different species if you are around at the right time. So check out this fishing calendar for the best time to catch fish in Cancun . Cancun Fishing Calendar From January through August - Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo, Snapper, Dorado, Grpuper Year Around - Barracuda , Amberjack, Marlin, Bonito, Mackerel, Shark. Cancun Fishing Tips Best time to catch Wahoo in Cancun is early mornings. Try to be in the water when it's still dark. Wahoos attack almost everything swim fast as soon as they see the day light. Recommended Wahoo Lure For Cancun: https://e

Palomar Knot For Looped Eye Hooks

This is "Palomar Knot".One of the strongest knots for looped hookes. A very simple knot but truly strong and makes the fisherman feels he is in safe hands while fishing. Let's see how experienced fingers doing it easily. After watching the video, I am sure you will do it at first go without a help.