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What Is A Baitfish - Why Do We Need Baitfish - Which Baitfish to Use

The Best Baitfish To Use For All Type of Fishing For Anglers Baitfish are small fish or other aquatic organisms used as bait to attract larger predatory fish when fishing. Anglers commonly use baitfish to increase their chances of catching larger game fish. These small fish can be alive or dead, depending on the fishing technique and target species. Common types of baitfish used for fishing include: Minnows : Small freshwater fish like shiners, fathead minnows, and creek chubs are often used as live bait for various freshwater species such as bass, pike, zander, trout and walleye. There are minnows that live in salt water too. If you plan to use live minnows as bait, it's crucial to keep them alive and healthy. Use a bait bucket or aerated bait tank to maintain oxygen levels and water temperature. It's best to purchase live minnows from a reputable bait shop to ensure their quality and health. Anchovies : Anchovies are commonly used as bait in saltwater fishing, particularly fo