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Use Pencil Popper For Bass Like A Pro

How to Use Pencil Popper For Bass  Are you good at catching fish with pencil poppers? This type of lures become very popular. I see there are more and more top water lure fans from all around working on pencil poppers for bass , bluefish, bonitos, mackerel and all that kind of surface game fishing . But do we really know how to use pencil popper properly? Here Markos, from Greece , shows us what you can do with pencil poppers. In this video he uses DUO Realis pencils. These are absolutely amazing lures. If you are targeting bass and bluefish, you must have couple of them in your lurebox.

Zacatak Lures Review

Zacatak Game Fishing Lures Chasing that big one, catching that fast one, playing with that wild one.. Game fishing enthusiasts love their handcrafted colourful lures for tuna, marlin, barracuda and other pelagic. Zacatak are made in Australia . Each lure is individually handcrafted.  Every single lure they produce has a superior quality that represents the workmanship and attention to detail that we uphold. Zacatak Lures are colour-tinted to complement each skirt combination. Zacatak Lure skirts are of the highest quality and hold a reputation for being durable and resilient. They are available in a huge range of vibrant colours and are enhanced with various highlights to maximise light reflection and visibility for targeting all species of game fishing. Lenght of  Zacatak Lures are available in five sizes, from our Extra Small 6.5" to right up to the Extra Large 14" . And head diameters are from 26mm to 57mm ZACATACK MODELS AND FEATURES VAMP The Vamp is a

Zacatak Thunderstruck Lure

THUNDERSTRUCK by Zacatak is an ultimate game fish lure for the wildest and fastest predators . A distinct visual lure, " Thunderstruck " is extremely erratic in action, travelling from side to side with a double splash motion due its collar. You will never see another lure smoke and dive like this baby does. Thunderstruck Medium  (Size 10") The goal from the outset was to design a lure unlike any other. What followed was the evolution of a game fishing lure fusing the characteristics of slant head, cup face and pusher lures. Head Diameter: 39mm Min Line Class: 15kg Max Trace: 400lb Colours of Zacatak Thunderstruck are; Black Night, Blue Express, Black Wasp, Chain, Green Lantern, Green Luminescent Dorado, Green Knight, Joker, Itty Billy, Salt and Pepper, Sniper, Storm Cloud, Evil, Purple Haze, Blue Green, Stripy, Pink Howler, Otto, Oily Delta Blue, Oily Fin, Maui Blue, Kona, Vasp, Pinky, Hot Vasp, Blue Hawai, Hot Hawaian, Redbait, Yamas, Slimy, Sac

Vamp Lure - Zacatak Vamp

VAMP game fishing lure by Zacatak for marlin, tuna, swordfish, sailfish and all other pelagic species. The Vamp is an aggressive performer designed for maximum action, vibration and turbulence. The violent shaking action produced by this lure range makes it so realistic you'll think you're trolling live bait! The Zacatak Vamp is available in five sizes, from " sized lure right up to the Extra Large 14" lure. Colours of VAMP lures are; Black Night, Black Wasp, Chain, Green Lantern, Green Luminescent Dorado, Joker, Salt and Pepper, Sniper, Storm Cloud, Evil, Purple Haze, Blue Green, Stripy, Pink Howler, Otto, Maui Blue, Kona, Vasp, Pinky, Hot Vasp, Blue Hawai, Hot Hawaian, Redbait, Yamas, Slimy, Sacred Saury, Green Scad, Purple Scad, Fire Scad, Green Slash, Slash, Spanish Flag, Storm Cloud, Pilchard, Zucchini, Secret Stripy, Secret Squid. Extra Small 6.5" The Small 8" Vamp is an aggressive performer used predominately in calm water. A violent sha

British Columbia Chinook Salmon Fishing

Chinook Salmon Fishing in British Columbia If fly fishing in the wilderness of British Columbia is of your dreams, check this out!  Spectacular landscape, salmon rich waters, exceptional fly fishing experience...   The anglers on camera include none other than the talented Adrienne Comeau, who guides for Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness & Lodge and Steve McPhail, owner of Nass River Steelhead Company out of Terrace British Columbia. This tech-infused video includes some great insight on fly fishing for the big Chinook Salmon , who live in the world-renown waters of British Columbia.

Sea Urchin - What Do We Know About Sea-Urchins?

To understand the extraordinary life of sea urchins, you need to know these interesting facts. How big are sea urchins" They are not gigantic creatures at all. Average size is typically 1-3 inches (3-10 cm) How many species of sea-urchins can we find in the oceans? Over 700.  Yep, too many of them all around the world. How long do they live?  Usually between 4 and 10 years. But there is an exception; Red Sea Urchin can live up to 200 years! they, you are not reading it wrong; two hundred years. It is one of the longest lived animals on earth. Mouth of a Black Sea urchin ( Arbacia lixula ) upside down Where do they live? Where in the world can I find them? Everywhere! Sea-Urchins are found almost every corner of the world. They habitat along the ocean/sea floor in shallow to deep water, coral reefs, rocky bottoms, from warm seas to polar oceans. What do they eat? What's their favourite dinner? Sea urchins are omnivores. Yes, sound a bit greedy. But actually