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Bluegill Fishing in Ohio

Fishing Bluegill In Ohio For this April I was planning to go fishing in Alabama to catch my first bluegill. But this morning I found my self walking through a mystical dark forest near New Straitsville, Perry County, Southeast Ohio to find a little pond at an old coal mine. I was so ready and excited to catch a bluegill because I have never seen one before. We don't have it in European lakes. For local fisherman it's not a special fish at all and nothing to get excited about it. They catch smaller bluegills to use as live bait to catch big catfish and decent size largemouth bass.  I quickly made a simple rig; a small size hook and bobber on a 23mm line. Here they use worms to catch everything. So I followed my friends. Even though I hate using live creatures to catch fish, I had no choice.. My First Bluegill They were everywhere. Around the old trees, bushes, weeds, deep bottoms, shore and all over the pond. It felt like I was dead and I fell on Bluegill Par

My first DUO Ryuki 50MFD Minnow

Spearhead Ryuki Floating Minnow For Bass and Bluegill Duo Spearhead Ryuki lures are made for freshwater fishing, targeting mainly trouts but, so far I have tried different sizes of it only in the sea and I caught a lot of gilt-head bream, sargos and painted comber. And yesterday first time I tried it in freshwater, in a large pond/lake in Southeast Ohio . My friends told me that there might be dark shadows over the pond because of big trees around, so I wanted to take a colourful minnow with me. It was a good opportunity to try my brand new Ryuki50 MFD Floatin Minnow Full Chart Yamame It's a floating minnow but dives like a rocket. It was perfect for such a pond where the bottom was very clean, without tall weeds and big rocks. Although the water was very clear and the sun was so bright, I still got lots of bites and some bass loved chasing it. It was a good fun. Some people say DUO Spearhead Ryuki 50MFD  is good only in rivers but one more time it proved itself that it

Grouper Fishing with Savage Gear 3D Sardine

New 3D Sardine design of Savage Gear is an ultimate killer. Groupers love this soft lure. There are 3 different colors. Spinning and Jigging Pro Vidalis from Gre ece shows us how to catch fantastic beasts with this soft sardine. Here I also posted my favorite 3D Herring (Sardine) photos and some info about it.

Best Soft Lure Herring

This is the best 3D Herring Soft Lure I have ever had. It's called " 3D Sardine " at online shops and tackle stores where you can find Savage Gear products. There are three colours of it; Sardine , Herring and Lemon Back I tried all the sizes and colors in different depths, day and night. And I ended up carrying Herring 10cm in my bag all the time. It's just so perfect for my saltwater LRF and HRF (hardcore rock fishing) adventures. Groupers, yes, all types and size of groupers adore this savage gear herring. I also caught octopus and Moray eel ( Muraenidae ) with this soft herring lure. Here you can see how to catch groupers with Savage Gear 3D Sardine My favourite soft Sardine, it's is 10cm and 21gr Back of 3D Herring. So realistic. Size, curves and the hook placement is absolutely awesome.

DUO Pencil Popper Dorado Colour

ROUGH TRAIL PENCIL POPPER 110 REVIEW In my opinion, this is definitely one of the best pencil poppers of DUO. I had this Realis Pencil Popper dorado colour one since July 2016 and I always carry it in my lure box everywhere I fish. It's perfect for all weather conditions and you can catch lots of different species with it. I caught bonito, sea bass, barracuda, needlefish, amberjack, leerfish in the sea and perch, carp and pike in freshwater.  I thought maybe I was just too lucky, but it wasn't only me.. Two of good friends of mine have also tried it several times and they too returned home with good catch. Duo Realis Pencil Popper Dorado is 110mm, 18 gr and Floating, with hook size #4

Painted Comber on Soft Bait - Comber LRF Adventures

I love fishing Painted Comber on soft bait. Painted Comber or Lettered Perch whatever you like to call it, I love this fish! Last year I visited some tackle shops in Talinn, capital of Estonia and I have bought a box of mixed colours and size rubbery soft plastic lures. Unfortunately because of terrible weather conditions I couldn't try them during my visit Baltic rivers and lakes in Estonia and Latvia, so I brought them with me to Turkey for winter LRF adventures. On a sunny Thursday afternoon I arrived at a quiet place where I could see the beautiful rocky bottom and I picked a dark brownish worm - about 3cm-  from that box. When the sun is so bright and the water is so clear, I always use dark color soft lures on red or white jig heads; a learned lesson from my previous experiences. And this painted comber couldn't wait for too long; I felt that merciless attack on my hook as soon as the lure touched down the bottom. I love painted combers . Best game for fish spe