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Fishing Shops In Utah. Fly Fishing Shops in Utah. Tackle Stores in Utah.

Where do find the best fishing shops in Utah?

Utah Fishing Shops

Did you know Utah has more than 1,000 fishable lakes? 
Utah is well known for excellent trout fishing in high mountain lakes and streams. You can easily catch lake trout over 40 pounds, muskie and bass too. 

Attack em Baits

https://www.attackembaits.com/ 3781 South 5900 West Hooper, Utah 84315

Anglers Den 

Fisherman's Headquarters for Professional Rods and Reels

https://www.anglersdenutah.com/ 5348 South 1900 West, Suite A1 Roy, UT 84067

Smith And Edwards


OGDEN: 3936 N. HIGHWAY 126, OGDEN, UT 84404


Trout Bum 2

Trout Bum 2 is the premier Park City fly fishing shop & outfitter. We offer the best and most experienced Park City fly fishing guides for the Provo River, Weber River and other local streams. We are the only fly fishing guide service in Park City to hold a permit for Utah’s premier and only drift boat fishery, the world renowned Green River below Flaming Gorge Reservoir and staff some of the most experienced and best guides on that river

https://www.troutbum2.com/ 4343 N. Hwy 224 Ste. 101 Park City, Ut. 84098

Fish Heads Fly Shop

Fish Heads Fly Shop is in the heart of Heber City, Utah, and is just minutes away from the Provo River, which is a premier blue-ribbon trout fishery.

https://fishheadsflyshop.com/ 32 S Main St, Heber City, UT 84032, United States

Western Rivers Fly Fisher

Western Rivers Flyfisher’s mission is to make the most of your fly-fishing experience in Utah

https://westernriversflyfishing.com/ 1071 East 900 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Fly Fish Food

The Best Flies in Utah

https://www.flyfishfood.com/ 932 N State St #4, Orem UT, 84057

Sportsmen For Fish and Wildlife

1262 West 1450 South, Marriott-Slaterville, UT 84404, United States

Western Rivers Flyfisher, Salt Lake City

1071 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84105, United States

Catching Leerfish in Corsica

Leerfish on popper from the beach in Corsica

Gorgeous water. Perfect weather. Paradise-like shore.. and exciting spinning fishing on the beach. A fantastic day for fishing in Corsica

Fishing in Corsica

Church of Thecla - Saint Thecla's Shrine

Aya Thecla Church ( Aya Tekla,  Hagia Thekla )

Saint Thecla's Shrine and Church of Thecla

The pilgrimage site is dedicated to "The Acts of Paul and Thecla", Thecla died in Selucia (modern Silifke). According to the "Life and Miracles of Thecla" (444/5 c.), Thecla did not die but instead descended into the ground of Selucia.

Saint Thecla's Shrine and Church of Thecla

Saint Thekla lived in the 1 st century AD was a pupil and also a fellow of Saint Paulus one of the most important figures of Christianity.She leaves Konya and arrives in Silifke with influence of Paulus's sermons, and lives in the Meryemlik region at about 1.5 km west of Silifke city center.In 460-470 AD. The basilica possibly devoted to Thekla became one of the most popular centres of Christianity.

Thecla's shrine was a major pilgrimage site in late antiquity, and was visited by Gregory of Nazianzus in 374 upon the death of his mother.

Aya Thecla Church ( Aya Tekla,  Hagia Thekla )

Today when visitors make their way to Ayatekla on the Meryemlik hill outside of Silifke, they can see the remains of a ruined apse and the cave church of Thecla. Both structures have undergone excavation. Remains of other structures are scattered around the hillside, although not all these have been excavated.

Here I am posting two photos from inside the church. And also a video that shows outside of the shrine.

Fishing by Boat in the Bosphorus

Fishing Tours in Istanbul
Amateur fishing enthusiasts want to fish more and this desire increased the number of fishing tours in almost every region of Turkey over the last year.

Actually, the situation in the Bosphorus is different. As you know, everybody comes to mind when it comes to fishing in the Bosphorus  catching horse mackerel on various shores of the Bosphorus with 5-meter rods.

In this picture in Istanbul, renting a boat and sailing to different points of the Bosphorus now included discovering new pastures and new fishing methods. Recently, at many points, more, more fishing tours, captains who rent their boat for fishing have been seen. You can search from both the Anatolian Side and the European Side, from many points in Istanbul, and you can find boat offers and captains on www.tekneveyat.com website for fishing on the Bosphorus.

Fishing in Istanbul

There are some points to be aware of for those who go on a fishing tour by boat in the Bosphorus. First of all, although long telescopic rods used on the shore can be used on the boat, this will start to tire you after 15 minutes. Because you are already on the boat and you do not have to throw it away or in a certain area. On the other hand, since the current is too much, the weight of the bullets to be used sometimes reaches 300 grams. For this reason, it will be more practical to use boat reeds or boat reeds (or jig rods) ranging from 120 cm to 200 cm for boat fishing in the Bosphorus. It will be useful to choose the hard ones among the very delicate tip of these straws and the hard ones.

The reel to be used from the boat is as light as possible but at the same time strong. Because 200-300 g of weight and current strength will definitely tire you. However, if you have a machine on hand and you do not always go to the throat by boat, the machine in your hand can also be evaluated.

What is your target fish is important when fishing from the boat in the Bosphorus. The team you will use should be determined accordingly. You can use fake baits and hoes for fish such as horse mackerel, bluefish, bonito, and fresh or live baits such as garfish or horse mackerel are also important for methods such as long fishing lines, which are often used for bluefish.

Antalya Fishing Tours

Fishing Tours In Antalya
If you are seeking to participate in boat tours in Antalya,  we offer our quality service conditions for you. You can join Antalya fishing tours from Aksu, Alanya, Circuit, Kaş, Kemer, Kepez, Serik, Finike districts, which is one of the most beautiful activities you can do within the scope of your holiday and where you can swim by sailing.

Antalya Fishing Tours

Antalya Fishing Tour Program

In our Antalya fishing tour program, we take you from the points you want to participate in the tour with our shuttles and reach Kaleiçi marina. After a comfortable journey with our service facilities, you can reach your boat and enjoy the blue cruise.

Within the scope of our program, we provide you with the opportunity to take a cruise from the Antalya Kaleiçi coast and the opportunity to swim in the sea and join the lunch or dinner accompanied by a barbecue after our advance to the sea. During the whole program, you can experience amateur angling in the areas that are most convenient to catch the fish that we have determined in our route, and you can see the magnificent nature views within the scope of our trip route.

Antalya Fishing Tour Duration

Our Antalya fishing tours take 10 hours. If you prefer our 10-hour fishing tour that starts in the morning, you can join lunch on our boat, swim, sunbathe and fish in the areas where we will anchor in the deep blue sea. If you join our tour in the evening, you can have your dinner on our stylish boat and magnificent nature view after fishing. Again, within the scope of our cruise trips, you will have the opportunity to witness the most perfect views of Antalya and the sunset in the sea.

Which Days Are Antalya Fishing Tours Organised?

We organize our Antalya fishing tour activities that we offer for you every weekday and every day of the week, on Saturdays and Sundays. In order to participate in our fishing tours, you can book our programs that include excursions, fishing, swimming, barbecue on the boat, which we offer in two different periods, morning or evening, every day of the week.


Antalya Fishing Tours Dishes

Our Antalya amateur fishing tour menus include fresh fish varieties, salad, cold drink, and pasta that we caught during fishing. We prepare the fresh fish we serve in our lunch or dinner service on the stylish barbecue on the boat. You can take advantage of our hot beverage service after the fish we serve with barbecued vegetables, salads with plenty of greenery and cold drinks to suit your taste. In this context, you can sip tea or coffee while having pleasant conversations with your friends.

Features of Antalya Fishing Tour Boats

Our Antalya fishing boats have electronic products that you can use in case of need such as WC, kitchen, shower areas, TV, refrigerator. Our boats have a fish finder and an above sea radar system. While traveling to routes where you can fish in the most enjoyable way with the fish finder, it is safe in dark and foggy areas with the above sea radar system. We travel under conditions. Especially within the scope of our night fishing tours, we ensure that you reach the places where the fish are concentrated by providing the safest driving in dark areas and by performing the appropriate actions to the data of the routes of other marine vehicles.

 Our service team, who will serve your lunch or dinner, accompanies you on our boats. Our boats have sound system, lighting systems, terrace area for sitting and fishing. Thanks to the sound system on our boat, you can have fun all day long with pleasant music options, dance on the boat and have pleasant moments accompanied by the brisk music broadcasts of our DJ accompanying you. If you spend time in a pleasant environment with our light systems on our boat at night fishing tours, you will find the opportunity to view the sea in more detail during fishing. Using our 220 Volt boat sockets, you can charge your electronic devices you need.

Music Broadcasting During Antalya Fishing Tours

We perform our music broadcast in the company of our DJ on our Antalya fishing tours. In order to dance and have pleasant moments in the middle of the deep blue sea we sailed by boat, you can take advantage of the music broadcast accompanied by DJ, by conveying the list of your favourite songs to us, you can take the pleasant moments a step further. Within the scope of music broadcasts, we first obtain the lists of your favourite songs from you, and in the second step, we broadcast these songs and carry out our works so that you can listen to pleasant songs accompanied by the pleasant scenery of nature while fishing.

You can get information and support from www.tekneveyat.com for Antalya boat and yacht rental options and very reasonable prices, including or excluding the organisation of the Antalya fishing tour with dinner. You can also contact us at +90 531 367 65 76 whenever you want.

Transaction Denied For Fishermen

You have enough lures. Transaction Denied

This is what happens when you have got so many lures already and the tackle shops are getting tired of you. 

Transaction Denied For Fishermen for buying more lures

The Weirdest Creatures of The Oceans

The Most Interesting Creatures in the Oceans

The two most mysterious places in the world are the sky and the oceans. These two facts still have places and secrets that cannot be reached even with today's technology. The oceans that separate Kıt'a from each other cover a large part of the earth. The oceans, which are home to millions of creatures, whose existence is still unknown, is the home of many interesting creatures. These oceans are so full of secrets that most of these secrets are hidden where even light cannot reach. Until this time, only 5% of the oceans were discovered and very interesting creatures were encountered despite such a small discovery. Now let's talk about these interesting ocean creatures.

The largest of this octopus, found 65 meters deep in the ocean, weighs exactly 272 kilograms. The length of a single arm of the octopus, whose scientific name is Enteroctopus doflein, reaches 9 meters. Giant Pacific Octopus, being the largest octopus in the world, this creature lives on average 3-5 years. It is a reddish brown octopus with large heads, covered and eight arms, and it is a carnivorous species. The most interesting feature is that although it is so large, it can escape through an opening as much as its beak.

This interesting fish species can live in all oceans and prefers warm and temperate waters. The biggest shovelnose guitarish ever seen is 7.6 meters tall and weighs 272 kilos. However, researchers say that paddle fish can grow up to 11 meters. This interesting creature, which cannot be viewed as much as it lives at a depth of 300-1000 meters, is the largest bony fish in the world. Even though the red extension from the head to the tail gives a very nice appearance to the fish, it has also caused rumours of the sea monster to appear. Shovelnose guitarfish is definitely a must see creature of the oceans.

FACELESS CUSK ( Faceless Fish )
This interesting creature, which Australian scientists come across 4000 meters deep in the ocean, seems to have no face when viewed from the outside. The fish, which can never be distinguished from its eyes and mouth, actually has a mouth and eyes. The eyes of the fish, whose mouth is hidden under the head, are too small to be seen. It is stated that the fish with a length of 40 cm was last seen 150 years ago. Faceless Cusk fish is a true legend of mysterious Oceans.

Manta Stingray, which is the biggest known stingray species in the world, also called ghost stingray is one of the most interesting creatures living in the ocean. The creature, which has a mouth like a huge cave, a trunk that resembles a number of three, and lobes like a shovel in front of the mouth, reaches 7 meters. They come up to 1000 meters depth according to the sea level. It is a carnivorous animal. It filters what you eat. Manta Ray feed on crabs and shrimps by eating. They do not have aggressive structures and are very gentle animals.

Japanese Spider Crab is the largest crab in the oceans. a crab with 10 legs, each of which is 3-4 meters, living at depths of about 600 meters of the ocean. It can reach up to 20 kilograms of weight. It is stated that the crab, whose scientific name is Macrochcheira kaempfer, lives only in the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese spider crab is a kind of scavenger and feeds on crustaceans and dead fish at the bottom of the ocean.

The Scariest Fish in The World
The scary teeth of this creature, whose body looks as if it is stuck from the sides, is one of the first features that stand out. The most important function of these teeth is that it kills fish larger than itself. Fangtooth Fish body is covered with spiky scales and fishbones, vary in color from black to dark brown in adults and become light gray when young. Although it is seen that it has reached a depth of 5000 meters, they mostly live in 2000 meters. Its outward jaw makes it easy to catch shrimps and squid. Thanks to its big heads, it also has the feature of eating big fish. Instead of ambushing the prey, this interesting creature, actively seeking its prey, detects the movements of its prey using the lateral openings in its body.

An Outstanding Example of Anglo Saxon Architecture Church

Anglo Saxon All Saints' Church, Brixworth

This Grade A church is an outstanding example of Anglo Saxon architecture. Amongst a number of changes, a spire was added in the 14 century which was struck by lightning in the 18 century. The stone engraving near the entrance is known as Brixworth Eagle and is probably from the Roman villa to the north. The west tower has a ring of six bells dating from 1622 with the most recent addiction cast in 1993. All Saints' Church, Brixworth, Northamptonshire is the largest English church that remains substantially as it was in the Anglo-Saxon era.

Built in: 7th Century
Style: Anglo-Saxon Romanesque
Location: Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England

All Saints' Church, Brixworth

Brixworth Eagle

Anglo Saxon Church Cemetery

Anglo-Saxon Romanesque Style Church

Anglo-Saxon Church Northamptonshire

Brixworth Eagle Church tower

All Saints' Church, Brixworth tower bell

Coronavirus Home Test Kit

How to test yourself at home. Is it possible to get tested for coronavirus at home?

This Covid-19 Test Kit is sent to homes by British National Health Service . Amazon is doing the delivery ad picking up.
This is what you get in the test kit package.


UK's Best Bass Lures. The Best Soft and Hard Lures for Sea Bass made in the UK.

Sea bass has become one of the most popular fish in the UK and there are a wide range of lures available on the market.  And most of those lures are from Japan, France, Denmark, Italy, USA and China.  But, there are some British sea bass lures which are absolutely legendary.

Beautiful, hand-crafted fishing lures. All handmade by well known UK based lure maker Jim. These unique lures are hand made in Devon. Jim's handmade wooden lures have a cult following amoungst bass anglers throughout the UK & Ireland. facebook.com/jimslures/ 
Jim's Needlefish UK made lure for bass fishing
Jim's Needlefish 

Samson Lures are made in England and developed by an Englishman. The aim was to produce a long casting lure to catch a wide range of fish in varying conditions. One of the many qualities of Samson lures is the craftmanship that goes into making each one! All lures are handmade to perfection, wired through, weighted for casting maximum distance, and lathe turned for anti tumble, whilst maintaining a realistic action vital in enticing fish to strike. Samson lures are best deployed for surface action but can also be fished deep when conditions suit. samsonfishing.com
Samson Lure The Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait For Bass Fishing
Samson's Famous The Enticer Sub Surface Tweak Bait

TC LURES ( The Marc Cowling's ) 
A Needlefish ( known as The Marc Cowling Signature Needlefish ) designed by the shore based bass lure fishing guide and author Marc Cowling tclures.co.uk
Best UK bass lure by Marc Cowling

Sidewinder has established itself as one of the UK's favourite lure brands, favoured by competition and leisure anglers alike. Voted Best UK Lure Brand by the readers of Total Sea Fishing Magazine 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Over the years, Sidewinder lures have made their way into thousands of tackle boxes and proved time and time again that they are irresistible to predatory fish species. sidewinderlures.co.uk
The most popular English soft lure for bass
A classic! One of the best known British lures in the world, Sidewinder Skerries Eeel

Kayak Side Cast Reel - Adventurer

The Best Side Cast Reel For Kayak Fishing

Fishing with side cast reel from the kayak is an amazing experience. You will feel the full power of the reel as it sometimes gets difficult to stay in balance on the kayan if a big fish is on hook and the water is choppy.

Easy Cast System Alvey Side Cast

Here I want to introduce you Alvey Kayak Side Cast Reel 45KGCZ

Easy Cast SystemThis model reel incorporates a line guide that holds the line in place in the windy conditions experienced regularly whilst kayak fishing. The drag pawl in this reel is supported on a metal pin through the backplate making it ideal to handle larger fish when kayak fishing. Alvey reels are not affected by continual salt water exposure making them ideal for use in kayaks. Ideal for freshwater and light saltwater fishing, strong drag will take on all varieties. Left handed reels are available. More info at www.alvey.com.au

SPOOL DIAMETER 115mm (4 1/2")
ROD SIZE 2 - 2.5m

The Best Side Cast Reel For Kayak Fishing

Streetfishing in Copenhagen, Denmark

Urban fishing in Denmark. This is how you do streetfishing in Copenhagen.

How to catch loads of cod and many other species of fish in Copenhag city center?

Watch these guys. Absolutely amazing fishing out there. Simple, easy, great fun, great fishing.
Denmark is becoming the new fishing paradise of North Europe. If you ever visit this gorgeous country, do not for get to take your light fishing tackle! You surely will have great time. Big and delicious cods of  Scandinavia are waiting for you!

urbanfishing denmark and street fishing copenhagen

BAGİS - How Turkish Fishing Tracking System Works

The Tracking System of Fishing Ships (BAGİS), tracking information such as identification, location, time, speed, direction of fishermen fishing in the sea, hunting activities and hunted fishery data by means of "GSM and SATELLITE" communication tools and recorded in digital environment It is a remote monitoring system that belongs to the Republic of Turkey  Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

What is the Installation Purpose of BAGİS?
For sustainable fisheries management; fishermanhunting activities of the ships monitoring, increasing effectiveness in audits and Record the data of the products hunted faster is to be taken under.

Which Fishing Vessels BAGİS Will it be covered?
Approximately 90% of the production from the seas providing, fisheries hunting license, height fishing vessels 12 meters in length and above will be in this scope.

How BAGİS Works?
Ship Tracking Device attached to fishing vessels,
Position, speed and direction of the ship taken every minute
the information primarily via GSM, the ship's GSM
If it is out of coverage, SATELLITE
sends it to the Ship Monitoring Center.
The fisherman through this navigational information sent
activities of ships on electronic maps
monitored without interruption.

Electronic Navigation, another part of the system
Fishing activities of the fishing vessel through its notebook and information about the products he hunts in digital environment. It is sent to the Ship Monitoring Center. In this way Statistical data of the products hunted instantly Collected.
Also, thanks to the system, the fishing ship reporting on activities and retrospective inquiries can also be made. After the installation of the system is completed and activated then the need to use the printed logbook Will not. However, the failure of BAGİS Device printed logbook will be used.

Who Are The Vessels Under BAGİS you can watch?
The vessels covered by BAGİS are exclusively
Water of the central and provincial offices of the Ministry of Livestock products under the supervision of authorized products.
Coast Guard, who is legal in charge.
It can be monitored by the command units.

Fishing Vessels in BAGİS Can he watch his activity?
In this system, fishing vessels hunting each other able to monitor and see their activities It is not.

Fishing Ship Authority; What are the responsibilities?
Fishing vessel official (Owner, Equipper or Captain) Keeping the BAGİS Device running and working, In case of failure, by reporting to the relevant places, eliminating the malfunction,
Related to hunting activities and amount of catch by entering the information in the electronic logbook Transmission to the BAGIS center, By no means to the device, including the malfunction.
is responsible for not interfering.

Oman El Bustan Marine Fin Fish Hatchery

This is one of the major marine projects of Oman Aquaculture Development Company (OADC).
El Bustan Marine Fin Fish Hatchery project aims a very positive development for Oman waters, nature, marine life and fishing business.

Oman El Bustan Marine Fin Fish Hatchery
A bsupply of bio-secure io-secure supply of juvenile bream species to developing marine cage farm projects in Oman.

A bream Broodstock, considerably speed up further independent hatchery developments associated with marine cage projects.

The development of broodstocks able to supply juveniles due to all-year spawning (advanced & retarded broodstocks with temperature and photoperiod controls).

Development of marine fin fish hatchery technology which is appropriate for the indigenous bream species found in Omani waters.

Development of marine fin fish technology which optimizes production under Omani conditions.

A free supply of high quality sea water to the existing Aquaculture Centre facilities allowing for extensive research projects to be undertaken by MAFW and other institutes at the Centre.

Operating commercially, providing training for Omani aquaculture technicians in a commercial environment.

A facility, which although operating commercially will be capable of undertaking species development; notably genetic strain selection and nutritional analysis which will be available to further increase efficiencies in marine fin fish production in Oman.

A facility which employs marine fin fish experts who can assist and advise other aquaculture projects being developed in Oman.  Source: oadc.com