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Slim Thunderstick Lure - How It Works

Slim Thunderstick.   A perfect lure for long casting. Very effective for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Made by STORM. Let's see how it swims in the water. Swimming Depth 0.5-1 m Weight 7 g Body Lenght 10 cm Suspending in freshwater, slow rising in saltwater Painted in flashy metallic or subtle matte finishes Long casting Tight rolling swimming action Black Nickel VMC hook

Fishing Rules and Regulations in Greece

If you are going to fish in Greece, at any Greek island, you have to remember these Fishing Rules and Regulations #Fishing with a net is forbidden #Spear fishing is not allowed anywhere in Greece during the month of May #It is illegal to use spears with any kind of compressed gas, including air and CO2, or any kind of explosive charge It is illegal to spearfish with any kind of underwater light source such as a flashlight or torch at any time. This includes night fishing and fishing inside caves #Fishing with explosives is illegal, as is fishing with compressed gas #There are minimum sizes regarding the capture of many types of fish and of octopus. You can find information on minimum measurements from the port authorities or on the Ministry of Nautical Affairs website:   Fishing in Greece is great fun and there are lots of islands where you can catch lots of different species from big barracudas to colourful reef fishes. I strongly suggest you to ta

How To Get Fishing License In Greece

Do I need a fishing license to fish from the shore in Greece? If you are going to fish from the shore No licence is needed. If you are going to fish from the boat A fishing licence is no longer required in Greece for amateur and recreational fishing from a boat. Fishing License is not a problem in Greece but you have to be very careful about the " Fishing Rules and Regulations in Greece ".  Size of the fish you catch and the equipment you use and the location you chose..  Now let's see all these rules on here before you pack your gear up for some fishing adventure in Greece. Like this guy, you can try heavy casting for Mediterranean snapper and dentex around Greek islands. Related Articles How To Say The Fish Names in Greek While You Are In Greece Best Trolling Lure For Mediterranean Sea DUO Tide Minnow Slim 200 Prism Ivory For Sea Bass in Greece