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Sargo on Lucky Craft B'freeze 48s Long Bill

Bream Fishing on Lucky Craft B'freeze 48s Long Bill I've fallen in love with this little beauty when I saw in first time on a Japanese amateur fishing blog. B'freeze comes with a long bill or short bill. And in 65cm or 48cm. Both are amazing lures . They are like little naughty kids making all the adults chasing them to catch and spank. I purchased this 48s Long Bill Green Head Chart from a second hand lures seller from Japan on Ebay. I couldn't wait to test it. Finally it was delivered in a very, very windy and cold Mediterranean morning. And got in my car as soon as I opened the box and I drove to a tiny beach where pebbles and small stones cover the bottom with a bit of grass.  I had caught lots of different species of fish at this beach before but never used this type of lure for breams and sargo. Wind was blowing from the north. I couldn't get a sheltered calm place so I decided to cast over to short distance.  B'freeze Long Bill  is not a heavy l