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Oldest Nottingham Reel - Antique Nottingham Fishing Reel

Here you can see all the details of some different designs of classic Nottingham reels. These reels were made in late 1800's. The main material to make such a beautiful fly-reel was walnut.  And they used steel as well. Gunstock walnut has been the most preferred material for reel making during classic era.
These were designed in England and for long years they were the most popular reels in USA and around the world.
Antique Nottingham Fishing Reel Made With Walnut

Best Fishing Hooks - A List Of Best Quality Fishing Hooks

A List Best Quality Fishing HooksThere are too many fishing hook brands in the market and a lot of different producers in the world. Especially since 2000's, by the development of technology and computer systems, like all other fishing gears, quality of the hooks have changed, too and today we have really amazing designs and it is easy to find them almost in every shop at the corner or online store.

But some companies developed their engineering and invested more for the quality of materials they use. So most of both professional and amateur fishermen today prefer to pick hooks of only a couple of these big brands. Not only anglers, also biggest lure companies use the most expensive ones, too.

Here are the most preferred fishing hooks in the world.

Origin: England
Types: Mainly for flyfishing. Saltwater and Freshwater flyfishing.
Website: http://www.partridge-of-redditch.co.uk/

Origin: France
Types: Hooks for lures, special fishing baits, treble hooks.
Website: http://www.vmchooks.com/

M-art Kovo
Origin: Czech Republic
Types: Carbon steel hooks. Coarse fishing hooks, flyfishing, carp, double and treble hooks.
Website: http://www.m-artkovo.cz/

Origin: Norway
Types: All types of hooks for saltwater, game fishing, jigging, freshwater, sport and classic.
Website: http://www.mustad.no/

Origin: United States
Types: Bait hooks, sharpest bulk hooks, mainly freshwater.
Website: http://www.ttiblakemore.com/

Origin: Japan
Types: Fly-fishing.
Website: http://www.tiemco.co.jp/

Origin: Japan
Types: Bass hooks, Saltwater, lures, jigging, spinning, treble hooks, freshwater.
Website: http://www.ownerhooks.com/

Origin: Japan
Types: Sport fishing, deep sea fishing, saltwer, freshwater and all kind of designs for professionals and new beginners.
Website: http://www.gamakatsu.com/

Origin: United States
Types: All type of hooks. Double treble, snelled, jigs, rigs.
Website: http://www.eagleclaw.com/

New Lures For Marlin, Dorado and Swordfish

Sailfish are wild and merciless predators. They also like playing games. They are like wild teenagers in the water. So the lures you should use to catch them must be attractively quality. That means, appearance is important but at the same time it has to come with quality. Otherwise these predators will make you lose your time, equipment and patient.

New Lures For Dorado Swordfish Mahi Mahi Barracuda Swordish
Here some of the newest and best quality lures for Dorado, Mahi Mahi, Dolphin, Swordfish and Barracuda . Especially if you are thinking to try your change in southern seas (Around Baja and Gulf of Mexico). They work really good in Pacific and around Caribbean islands as well.

Mr. Daughtery from eastcapeguides.com explains how to use them; colours, wind conditions, sizes of hooks and the skirts and special designs of most sensational billfish lures for exciting adventures.

How to Catch Striped Bass with Alabama Rig

If you have a desire to catch striped bass this winter, try Alabama rig, especially from a kayak, if you have got one. The guy in the video gives us all the best and easy tips on how to use "Alabama rig" or "Yumbrella" for big bass game. He also shows how to use and control it as well. This is not only for just one kind of fish; if you are living in Europe or Russia, you can use this rig and style for perch and other different freshwater predators, too.
catching bass and perch with Alabama rig

Best Fishing Season in Malta

Best Time To Catch Biggest Species in Malta.

Malta is truly a fishing heaven for those who want to catch big fish in Mediterranean Sea. Malta gives all the adrenaline you desire while waiting for a strong bite on your hook. But the question is, when is the best time for such an unforgetable fishing adventure?

Fishing Season in Malta. Best months to catch big fish around Malta

The Season Chart For Big Game Fishing in Malta

Albacore (white meat tuna) - Mid May to Mid July
Amberjack - May to February
Barracuda - Jun to Feb
Bonito - February to October
Dentex - May to February
Dorado (Mahi Mahi) - August to November
Grouper - You can find grouper around Malta whole year. There is no special season for this fish. As long as you know where they could be waiting for your bait, you will bring them on boat in every season.
Red Bream - January to August
Skipjack Tuna (Striped Tuna) - July to December
Spearfish (Mediterranean Spearfish) - October to February
Swordfish - No best time for swordfish. It might be seen around the islands from February to October

Best Bonito Lure For Mediterranean Sea - Abolone Bullet-Head

This is one of the best trolling soft bullet head skirt lure to catch big bonitos, tuna, Atlantic mackerel and also barracuda.
I have tried different colours Abalone Bullet Head and this one is really good for trolling close to shore. Best catches were at 30-40 meters deep waters and usually with sandy bottom. The one in the video was used by a friend in south of Turkey.

He says; it attracts more fish if you speed up at calm water, and get slower at choppy times. Here you can read more about it: The best way to catch Tuna, bonito, Atlantic mackerel, Atlantic bonito.

Best Trolling Lure For Mediterranean Sea

The best way to catch Tuna, bonito, Atlantic mackerel, Atlantic bonito, or just classic big mackerel in Mediterranean Sea is trolling. Even from a small boat and only a few hundred meters away from the coast, you can catch lots of these fishes. But, of course if you use the right lures and rigs.
Many of both amateurs and professional fishermen use feathers and any kind of small lures for bonitos and for tunas they prefer bigger sizes.

For years people around Mediterranean Sea have believed that bullet head skirted lures are for wild open seas, like waters around Australia and USA. But in recent years I witnessed that more and more amateurs trying this kind of items, too. Well, I am one of them. And I am very happy with the results. This 'Abalone Bullet Head' is absolutely amazing for bigger bonitos, tunas and Atlantic mackerels. Yes, especially for bigger ones.
Here the picture of my favourite bullet head Abalone lure for Mediterranean Sea. It is 145mm and it came up without hook and leader. I attached two hooks and 5 meters fluo leader.  And here the video of a big beautiful bonito caught with this trolling skirt https://youtu.be/jJkRBxkpcVk

Best Trolling Lure For Mediterranean Sea. Alabone Bullet Head Skirt Lure