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Fishing Catfish With Live Bluegill Bait

Live Bluegill Bait For Flathead Catfish Another successful catfish catch with live bluegill. You know, flathead catfish are carnivores, they like fresh meat. So it prefers live prey and the poor bluegill is one of the flathead's most favourite meals. Day or night, sunny or rainy, if you are planning to catch decent size flatheadcatfish, you need to find a good spot to grab some bluegills where you have to keep them alive or hook them up as soon as you land them because they don't stay alive too long out of water. WHAT SIZE OF BLUEGILL BAIT FOR FLATHEAD CATFISH Logically and obviously the bigger bait brings the bigger fish. But it's always like this, especially in freshwater. Majority of the catfish species actually are lazy predators. It doesn't like chasing the prey. Even a huge flathead can just lay on the bottom of the lake or river and wait for a silly small size fish to pass in front of its mouth. And it swallows the bait with its large mouth. So, the live

White Bass Fishing On Lake Guntersville, Alabama

Everyone Can Catch White Bass, So Easy. Do You Want to Know How? White bass is one of the most beautiful species of freshwater in North America, particularly in the Midwest USA. Once you catch a white bass , you will always want to catch more and more white bass. Catching white bass in Alabama is an amazing fun As you see in the video, all you need a shiny spoon and get to the right spot on the lake. Cast the spoon and retrieve. That's it! You will catch a lot of white bass easily. Such a crazy fun! There are so many different types and sizes of spoon you can take in your tackle box. I have tried saltwater bass spoons while fishing in Ohio and they worked very well for me. I see these guys are using simple ones, too. And they are just fantastic!  Guntersville Lake (locals call it as Lake Guntersville)  It is the largest lake in Alabama. Some of the most popular species you can catch at Lake Guntersville are Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Black Bullhead, Redbreast

A Bluefish Paradise

I bet you have never seen such a huge shoal of bluefish before. The Bluefish ( Pomatomus saltatrix ) is one of the most exciting predator species of world seas. It's called " tailor " in New Zealand and Australia , and in South Africa the bluefish is called " elf " or " shad ". Thousands of Bluefish Shoaling in Mediterranean Coast of Italy While many of us catch them as gamefish, bluefish is also a famous delicious food fish in many parts of the world. A Bluefish Paradise in Mediterranean Sea Here, I want to show you a fantastic underwater footage of super healthy looking bluefish shoaling. It's filmed in Italy on a cold January day. Absolutely sensational. They look so energetic and ready to pillage!. Imagine you are on those rocks and casting your favourite topwater dog walk lure or popper.. and these hungry and merciless predators are right in front of you.. oh dear :-) Bluefish Facts : Bluefish have two dorsal fins, with the s


The best of Lucky Craft lures for different types of fishing. As one of the most known lure brands of Japan, Lucky Craft creates some of the best fishing lures in world for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Anglers all around the world cast their Lucky Craft lures to catch bass, trout, salmon, musky, pike and even catfish in the rivers and lakes while targeting barracuda, seabass, bream, snapper, bonito and many other species in the seas and oceans. Which Lucky Craft Lure is The Best TOPWATER Sammy : If I have to survive on an island for the rest of my life, I would definitely take a Lucky Craft Sammy Lure with me. "Walking the Dog" action can be difficult to achieve with some top water baits. SAMMY makes it easy. Combine its easy to achieve "Walk the Dog" action with the spitting action of a popper and SAMMY gives you unsurpassed top water performance. But that's not all. Add the bass calling, glass rattles and the ultra natural colouring to top water b