The Best Lure Making Suppliers in USA

America's best lure making and tackle building supplies.

Don't be afraid of trying to make your own fishing lures. It really is so easy and great fun. Once you start creating your own hard baits or soft plastic lures, you will always want to make more. And the good thing is, there are some amazing online stores out there that provide huge selections of everything you will need to start building your very own fishing lures and whatever you need for your fishing adventures.

America's best tackle building suppliers

Here I wanted to share the best suppliers list from my own experiences and many amateur fishermen's opinions from both USA and other countries.

If you are a big fan of plugs and wood lure kits, Salty's is absolutely one of the bests. They have a large varieties of all kind of tools, parts, kits. They offer Wood Fishing Lure Kits, Plug Building Hardware, Plug & Lure Building Supplies and more.

LureCraft has been in business for over 48 years. You want to make your own plastic pouring kit? You are certainly at the right address!..  Bodies and components for making crank baits, musky and salt water baits.. Octopus skirts, sinker supplies and more. 

Amerika's largest selection of tackle building supplies. definitely yes. Massive selection of almost everything you need to make your own lures, rods, tackle systems. Absolutely the heaven for those who love creating ther own tackle world.

Massive selection of lure making items, plus rod building and even landing net supplies..   Simply everything you need to make your own custom fishing lures. Spinner blades, buzz blades, spoons, wire tools, Do It moulds, skirts, terminal tackle, lure bodies and crankbait hardware.


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