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Kayak Jigging for Barracudas and Giant Groupers

Kayak fishing in Mediterranean Sea is absolutely amazing. If you know where to fish, how to do and what lures and fishing equipment to use, you will definitely return home with beautiful catches.  Jiging from a kayak is not easy for everyone. But this guy is a master of it. Jigging is an art and there are lots of big groupers and barracudas under the water waiting to see what a fisherman can show to them. Rod - Maria Steady Jigging Reels - Daiwa New Saltiga and Seagate 4500 Braid - M7W Jigging PE4 FC - Carbotex 060mm

How to fish with small crankbaits in cold weather

Fishing in winter can be tricky for those who think they can use their crankbaits only in warm sunny summer days. Let's see what a pro says about it. Small crankbaits are still effective in cold water. You have to find those smaller feeding zones, fish slower and often make repeated casts.  Here John Crews talks through f ishing small crankbaits on a below freezing day in Alabama recently.

Fly Fishing Book Cover from 1790

Fly Fishing Book Cover, The Art of Angling 1790 This is a frontispiece from The Art of Angling, a fishing guide book, written by Richard Brookes in 1790. As we see in it, there are some flies like Ant fly, Palmer, Green Drake, Great Dun, Howthorn, Dun Cut that used by anglers nearly 250 years ago.

Australian Salmon - Kahawai - Newfish - Bay Trout - Black Back, Blackback Salmon - Buck

What do you know about this fish? Let's talk about Eastern Australian Salmon, known as Kahawai in New Zealand. Original Name - Arripis trutta Other Names : Newfish, Bay Trout, Blackback Salmon,, Buck, Cocky Salmon, Colonial Salmon. Colour - Dark bluish-green body (juveniles have golden bars on the upper sides) Where can we see it? - Southern Australia usually Brisbane to Western Victoria, rarely to Western Australia. And New Zealand (including Chatham and Kermadec Islands) Where doet it live? - Found in cooler waters, between depths of 30 m and 39 m. They enter rivers as well. Weight and Size - Typically 1 and 2.5 kg (2.5lb-6lb)  and 30-50cm (Maximum 90 cm) What does it like to eat? - carnivore. Feed mainly on fishes but also on pelagic crustaceans, especially krill. How to catch it? - Catching Eastern Australian Salmon (Video)

Australian Salmon Fishing - Rock Fishing in South Australia

This is how to catch Australian Salmon while rock fishing. I have never caught an Australian salmon in my life. But there is a cool guy, Jack Jacobs, a very keen fisherman from Australia, was shark fishing at the time but.. but then this happened; see the video (insane salmon action) Aren't they so lucky? A beautiful sunny day, gorgeous rocky shore, thousands of salmons swimming within feet of the rock..what a sight! what a joy!

Small lure in action for big trout

Magic Minnow Miny Goby Lure in action Big trouts like tasty meal. So what to serve them to get the ultimate attention? This Magic Minnow Miny Goby lure works very, very well. Watch the action and see the difference. Kinetic Fishing is really good at designing this type of lures for big trout. When big trout are feeding in shallow water this small lure is great.

Fish in Different Languages

How To Say "Fish" in Different Languages What is 'fish in Filipino"? and what is fish in Esperanto? How Turks say "Fish"? Fish in Afrikaans - vis Arabic - samak Armenian - dzuk Azerbaijani - balıq Basque - arrain Bengali - macha Bulgarian  - riba Croatian - ribe Czech - ryba Esperanto - fiso Estonian - kalad Fiji Hindi - machhri Filipino - isda Fish in Finnish - kala French - poisson Georgian - tevzi German - fisch Hindi - machali Hungarian - hal Islandic - fiskur Latin - piscis Lithuanian - žuvis Fish in Malay - ikan Mongolian - zagas Norvegian - fisk Persian - mahi Polish - ryby Portuguese - peixe Romanian - pește Slovenian - ribe Somali - kalluunka Fish in Spanish - pescado Swahili - samaki Swedish - fisk Tagalog - isda Tamil - min Turkish - balık Fish in Viatnemese - cá Welsh - pysgod

Shark Species in Alabama - Sharks in Gulf of Mexico

What Type of Sharks Can I  Catch in Alabama? Gulf of Mexico is famous with it's sharks. And shark fishing in Alabama is a real adventure. These are Gulf of Mexico Shark Species Alabama Hammerhead Shark, Mako Shark, Bull Shark

Goliath Grouper - What Do You Know About Goliath Grouper?

One of the most legendary fishes of the seas, The Goliath Grouper. Where do they live, how do they live, how they behave under the water. This is an amazing documentary about Goliath Grouper. After nearly becoming extinct, the fish was afforded legal protection enacted in 1990. Twenty years later, the protection is finally starting to pay off. Divers and underwater photographers visit a shipwreck in Florida where Goliath Groupers gather to spawn every year. These massive animals are so beautiful. Let's watch!

Fish Attacks Back

Usually we catch the fish and land it onto our boot, or shore or into our bags.. Well. "usually".. But sometimes fish might attack back. As you gonna see in this video.

Atlantic Saury - Let's Talk About Atlantic Saury

What do you know about this fish? Atlantic Saury is not a very popular fish for anglers or big commercial boats. That's why I love this fish. It's cute, exciting. childish, happy, and very, very delicious if you know how to cook it. Latin Name - Scomberesox saurus Shape - Has a narrow body and a long, beak-like snout lined with tiny teeth. it has a single dorsal and anal fin, each followed by a series of small finlets. Colour - The body is clear green above and bright silver on the sides. What does it like to eat? Atlantic Saury lives in large schools that chase and capture smaller fish, shrimp-like crustaceans, phytoplankton and fish larvae. Source: Gervais H Predators it hates Tuna, marlin, bluefish , amberjack Size Lenght - Atlantic Saury grows about 35 cm in length (maximum of 50 cm) Weight - Not recorded (if you catch a giant one, please contact us) Where does Atlantic Saury live? Mainly North Atlantic and Mediterr

Fish Airlines - Fishing Airways - FishAir

Fishing Airlines operates flights between predator swordfish and marlins, FishAir can fly over the blue waters of Oceans for hours without stopping over at islands. You wonder what I am talking about? Well, watch these creatures.. absolutely magical. These fish can fly like birds. No, not like jump jumping over the waves..                                                                                              They reall y really seriously are flying. They have amazing wings and they use their tails like a super jumbo jet. A funny story about flying fish ; When some members of Captain Cook's crew told Londoners that they saw flying fish in the middle of Ocean, people have thought these men were still seasick or drugged.

Fly Fishing in Cuba - Saltwater Flyfishing Cuba

I know, its a dream fishing scenario for almost every amateur; travelling to Caribbean, finding a paradise-like sandy beach and casting for big game fishes. Bonefish, Tarpon, Barracuda and others. These lucky guys are doing exactly what we dream about. Fly fishing in Cuba! must be an amazing adrenaline explosion. Saltwater fly fishing has a different taste. Saltwater creatures behave different. Cuba has become a new paradise for fly fishing in recent years. There are many untouched beaches around the country where you can see lots of big fish waiting for your flies. 

Brown Wrasse - Labrus Merula

Labrus Merula as its known " Brown Wrasse " in English, a beautiful reef fish that lives amongst the seaweed and rocks.  Spanish people call it "El Merlo". And in Southern Turkey it's called "Yesil Kayacil (Green Rock Fish)".  It is native to the Eastern Atlantic from Portugal to Morocco, including the Azores, and Mediterranean Sea as well. Brown Wrasse do not exceed 40 cm (16 in). It is important to local populations as a food  fish  and can also be found in the aquarium trade (I hate this!) Photo by Alessandro Duci @ Wikipedia - Photo taken in Liguria, Italy I have caught one Brown wrasse near Mersin, Turkey. I didn't eat it, so I don't know how it tastes like. I released it back into blue waters and watched it under the sea. It immediately went under a big rock and then jumped into weeds that cover the rocks. Do you have photos or videos that showing you are catching a brown wrasse? Would you like to share it with the world? Se

Traditional Hook and Line Fishing in the Philippines

Fishing in the West -usually- means lots of high tech gear, equipment, expensive rods, fishing lines, laser cut hooks, biological baits etc.. But in the other parts of the world, there are lots of fishermen still fishing in traditional way and they really are very good at it. Watch these guys, fishing in the Philippines , as usual, simple and easy.

Fishing in Samar Island

Trevally Fishing in Philippines   Have you ever heard a fish called " Talakitok " ?  Fishermen of Samar Island (Central central Philippines) call trevally "Talakitok".  If you join a fishing trip in Samar Island , you will definitely catch one of these beautiful trevallies.

How to prepare squid rig for swordfishing - Squid rig for big fish

Swordishing is very difficult and sophisticated. It requests a lot of attention and passion. Therefore you need to know what you are doing. You just can't throw your bait into sea and wait, Swordfish is not just a fish; its a very, very clever predator. Swordfish loves squid (well, which fish doesn't?)  if you know how to present it, you will definitely attract that big one.  In this how to do video Captain Smith teaches an easy and fast method for rigging a squid for swordfish.

Christmas Island Fly Fishing

Have you ever had a change to travel to one of those tropical and exotic Pacific islands for fly fishing? This man, called Peter Collingsworth, from United Kindom   travels to Christmas Islands, Kiribati to show us how to cast, where to cast, what rod and what fly to use to catch Giant Trevally. How To Catch Giant Trevally In Pacific Look at this beautiful fish! absolutely gorgeous. Not only so big in size but also good looking that makes you get even more excited. And see how the fishing line makes that seductive sound "wizzzzzzzz".  Many people goes to these magically attractive islands for romantic holidays. But there actually is an amazing marine life underneath their feet. And only passionate fly fishers could see it.  

Siberian Salmon Fishing - Gigantic Salmon in Siberian Rivers

Siberia is wild so its fishes. This native Siberian fisherman catches an enormous salmon in one of those unpolluted Siberian rivers. Look at this gorgeous salmon; Who wouldn't like to catch something like this? Imagine it on your rod.. your fishing line would make good sound, eh?  

Easy Amateur Perch Fishing

How to catch Perch at your local lake This guy is so cool. He just walks down to his local lake or canal and catch some beautiful perch with light lures. Let's see what kind of rigs, tackle and line he uses and how to fish perch.

Everyone Can Fish

If you know how to fish, where to fish and when to fish, you will definitely catch a fish! Everyone can fish, because here on this blog I will teach how to fish easy. Good luck!