Top 10 Australian Fishing Lure Brands

The Best Australian Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Lure Brands

Top 10 Australian Lure BrandsAustralia, as one of the world's most amazing fishing paradises and Australians, as some of the world's most devoted and passionate fishermen, undoubtedly, they produce incredibly effective and high quality fishing lures for all kind of needs. 
There are so many really, really good lure makers for saltwater, freshwater, trolling, jigging, LRF, topwater and even flyfishing in Australia. And after reading lots of reviews, doing detailed price comparison, checking customer service, popularity and dedication of the brands here we picked the best ones for both locals and international lure fans from all around the world.

Top 10 Australian Fishing Lure Brands

HALCO (Perth)
A true Australian legend, since 1950. There is a Halco product for every fisherman in the world. From the amateur weekend anglers, to professional fisherman, Halco Tackle produces the latest in lure technology to incorporate strength, durability, and fish catching ability. Bluewater trolling lures, famous surface action lures, jigs, handcrafted timber lures and the most desired metals.

PAKULA (Gold Coast)
If you are into big game fishing; Pakula is the right address. Stop here now! Pakula offers innovative big game lures, big game hooks, trolling lure skirts, rigs, tools and accessories. All Pakula lures, both heads and skirts have their new UV2 additives.

Australian Made Handcrafted Timber Fishing Lures. If you are a fan of handcrafted, unique style, good quality and colourful freshwater lures, Whiptail offers some of the best products in this field. These guys are really so creative. 

Lively Lures is one of Australia's leading hard-bodied fishing lure manufactures. They use amazingly good quality materials, so you can feel the difference as you as you touch any of the lures. Did you know worldwide famous The Mud Mullets and one of Australia's most successful & strongest lures for mackerel, the Mack Baits come from this brand. 

McGrath Lures, which have their own characteristic shimmy, are definitely the best choice for those "action" fanatics. Developed locally in Australia for trout and freshwater natives they have grown to be a popular lure throughout the country and overseas. McGrath produces hard body minnow fishing lures, vibes, spinnerbaits, surface lures and trolling attractors for all type of fishing.

PREDATEK (Port Macquarie, NSW)
Australia's world class fishing lures. Proudly Aussie-made since 1986. One of Australia's premier fishing lure manufacturers and a very well known lure brand especially in USA and Asia. Most of Predatek lures are designed for freshwater species but some of them work incredibly well for saltwater fishing too. Their DIVERS are absolutely stunning. 

LAZER LURES (Nerang, Queensland)
Lazer produces the most famous original Aussie made metal lures for over 40 years. Their metal beauties are must have lures in any fishing tackle box as they will definitely help you catch lots of tuna, barracuda, bonito, flathead, bass, mahi-mahi, kingfish, pike, perch, salmon, trevally, mackerel and tuna.

Reidy’s Lures have built a strong reputation for catching lots of different species in Australia and overseas. They have some great bluewater fishing lures and an extensive range of metal jig lures for trolling and big games. Reidy's smaller lures have had excellent feedback for bass, bream, trout, salmon and bass as well.

Gobblers Lures creates a selection of the best high-performance tournament grade soft plastic fishing lures in Australia. Gobblers Lures don't fade, dry out or melt in your tackle box like some other brands. The colour tones they place in the products actually make the lure change colour in different light which is a very important feature to increase catch rate.


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