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Shore Jigging for Leerfish

How to catch a 7kg leerfish from shore . Saltwater Shore Jigging is a great fun when you know your target fish and have the right gear in your tackle box. Here you will see a perfect sample of shore jigging fun ending up with a 7kg giant leerfish . Location : Montenegro (Adriatic Sea) Rod : Daiwa Megaforce Pilk 40-100 , 2.70 Reel : Shimano Spheros 6000SW Jig : Hayabusa Jack Eye Slide 60 gr Line : Sunline Line Cast Away P.E 2 (30lb/13,5kg) Shock Leader : Salt Water Fluorocarbon Trabucco XPS T Force 0.5 mm (37lb/17kg)

Stages of Poison Ivy Rash and Blisters

Poison Ivy rash and blisters on my skin. This is how Poison Ivy destroys your skin. Here the stages of poison ivy rash and blisters. Poison Ivy makes your arms and hands look horrible. While I was trying to find a good spot for fishing at a lake in Ohio, I stupidly touched poison ivy .. and here the results of its harm on my skin. Scary Scars of Poison Ivy In this Youtube video you can see how it looks when the poison covers the skin: This is how it started And only in 4 days it become terribly disturbing   I used couple of different scrubs, but the best one for me was Tecnu; see it on Ebay: ) I suggest it everyone who touched poison ivy or oak After two weeks, finally it started to heal up.. but still badly itchy and swollen

How To Build A Kayak Like Inuits

How To Build A Kayak Like Inuits Traditional kayak building by Inuits of the harsh arctic environment. This is how the Netsilik Inuits make a kayak to use for hunting in far North. They use traditional tools and unique way of designing to build their kayaks.  Nowadays we believe everything must be measured perfectly and most effective chemicals must be used for stronger and faster kayaks. But these Northern indigenous people had completely different tin their mind... Eskimo Kayak Making Part 1 Netsilik Inuit Kayak Bulding Part 2

New Jackall Rythym Wave Swimbait 2.8"

Jackall Rythym Wave Swimbait You know Jackall's swimbaits are some of the bests in the market. Especially Rythym Wave . It become very popular amongst both freshwater and saltwater anglers. And this is the newest of Rythym Wave line. It's 2.8". Absolutely perfect size and shape for all species that like soft lures. Don't miss it out this summer!  Rythym Wave Swimbait 2.8" will be the new killer on the shore! Photo: Jeff Gustafson on Facebook Jighead:   Northland Tackle Slurp Jig