The Best Fishing Hooks For Your Tackle Box

The Best Quality Fishing Hooks

These are the best fishing hooks you need for all type of fishing.
There are too many fishing hook brands in the market and a lot of different producers in the world. Especially since 2000's, by the development of amazing technology and computer systems, like all other fishing gears, quality of the hooks have changed, too and today we have really amazing designs and it is easy to find them almost in every shop at the corner or online store.

But some companies developed their engineering and invested more for the quality of materials they use. So most of both professional and amateur fishermen today prefer to pick hooks for their tackle boxes only a couple of these big brands. Not only anglers, also biggest lure companies use the most expensive ones, too.


Origin: France
Types: Hooks for lures, special fishing baits, treble hooks.
VMC Saltwater Hooks - Land more big game fish with these amazing hooks. Their wide variety means you can rig any size live bait and the  premium materials and top-notch technology mean more hookups and more opportunities to put fish in the boat.
VMC Bass Hooks - The best bass rod, premium line and pro-approved baits won’t get you anywhere if the hook on the end of your line keeps getting thrown. Improve your hook up percentage by tying on a VMC bass hook. VMC hooks feature a wide gap, resin closed eye and 3 degree offset point to help make better hook sets. Z bend, keeper barbs and/or locking spring keep bait securely in place. Super sharp, super strong and super smart, VMC hooks will guarantee more bass in the boat.

Partridge of Redditch
Origin: England
Types: Mainly for flyfishing. Saltwater and Freshwater.
If you are a flyfishing enthusiast or just a beginner of fly tying, here the best answer for all your needs. Partridge of Redditch has been an innovator and technology leader in the manufacture of hooks since its beginnings in the late 1800’s, in those days the company manufactured for the top names in the business like Farlows, Hardy Bros., Ogden and more recently Veniard.

Origin: Norway
Types: All types of hooks for saltwater, game fishing, jigging, freshwater, sport and classic.
Mustad is the most known name for the must trusting hooks in the world. Mustad ensures this with rigorous testing and quality control giving you the best possible experience on the water. Using only the best possible materials and the high technology lets you fish with confidence when you have a Mustad hook at the end of your line. See the newest Mustad prices on

Origin: United States
Types: Bait hooks, sharpest bulk hooks, mainly freshwater.
Undoubtedly the world's sharpest hooks. Particularly if you are into sport fishing, Daiichi will give all the confidence you need to land the strongest predators and the fastest species in freshwater and saltwater.

Origin: Japan
Types: Fly-fishing.
Who doesn't trust Japanese fishing hooks, especially if it's made for flyfishing? Tiemco is the world leader of smaller hooks for big species in the freshwater. Tiemco delivers the best hooks for saltwater tube flies, down-eye hooks for wet flies and nymphs, streamer hooks and more. They have the most desired hooks for every kind of angler around the world.

Origin: Japan
Types: Bass hooks, Saltwater, lures, jigging, spinning, treble hooks, freshwater.
Owner says "Every fish story begins with the perfect hook". Definitely too true! I have seen many people who owns very expensive good quality rods, thousands dollars worth fishing reels and lures, gears etc, but at the end they lose their catches because of the useless hooks they tie to their lines. So my friends, a perfect hook is actually nearly 80% of a successful fishing. What makes Owner hooks extremely good is simple; Passion.  So get a Owner hook and catch that big albacore or catfish now!

Origin: Japan
Types: Sport fishing, deep sea fishing, saltwater, freshwater and all kind of designs for professionals and new beginners.
Serious angler loves serious fishing products, like Gamakatsu hooks. Every corner of the world I fish, I always take a big box of Gamakatsu Hooks mix. from big game in Trinidad Tobago to ice-fishing in Poland, I trust all the Gamakatsu hooks till the end. They never fail the passionate adventurous fisherman. Check out the cheapest Gamakatsu hooks on

Eagle Claw
Origin: Denver, Colorado, United States
Types: All type of hooks. Double treble, baitholder, long shank, jigs, rigs.
Years ago when I was fishing on Lake Logan (it was my first fishing experience in the USA), I met a cool old guy,  his friends called him "Mr. Catfish", has suggested me to get Eagle Claw hooks if I want to return to my girlfriend's house with a proud smile on my face. And he was right. Especially If you need long shank hooks and baitholder hooks for your freshwater rigs, Eagle Claw hooks are the king of the kings. Super sharp, super easy to use and very affordable hooks. Absolutely the best ones in America and now I see them everywhere in Europe, too.

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