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Fishing Bans in Turkey For Freshwater - Closed Seasons For Freshwater Fishing in Turkey

If you are going to fish in rivers and lakes in Turkey, fishing might be illegal in some areas; this depends on the region and type of fish. Question: I am coming to Turkey in April, I want to try to catch some trout on the mountains, is it possible? Question: I will be visiting Black Sea region in October, Is there any restrictions for fly fishing? Here the list of the fish you are not allowed to catch in certain areas and seasons. Rainbow Trout No closed season. Perch - Zander Closed season 15 March - 30 April All the regions. More on this subject:  Fishing License in Turkey  /   Size and Catch Limits Pike Closed season 15 December-31 March All the regions. Trout Closed season 01 October - 01 March All the regions Carp - Tench - Chub - Eğirdir longsnout scraper (Siraz) - Wels Catfish - Others Closed Season 1 March-1 June Regions: Adana, Antalya, Aydın, Denizli, Gaziantep, Hatay, İzmir, Kilis, Manisa, Mersin, Muğla, Osmaniye. Closed Season 15March-15June

Glider Shad For Seabass and Pike - Delalande Special Lure

What do you think about Delalande Glider Shad? An irresistible soft plastic shad lure for both freshwater and saltwater predators and especially seabass as well. This is a truly killer plastic lure for all type of weather conditions in lakes, rivers and the sea. Unique tail design invites all the hungry big fish while its shape lets you cast and retrieve it so easily in both windy and calm waters. You will have a lethal weapon for seabass when you carry a Glider Shad in your lure box. Triangualar shad body. Webbed and forked tail in a shape of a half moon to increase vibrations. Realistic eye signal and linear ridges to give a movement effect. Type : Offshore Fishing, Vertical fishing Rigged : Leaded head, Texan Species : Pike, Sea bass, Zander Areas:  Fresh water, Salt water Packaging : Bulk, Blister (X6), Weight : 4 gr (11cm) - 7 gr (13cm) - 9gr (16cm

Freshwater Fishing Size and Catch Limits in Turkey

Fishing limits and size restrictions for freshwater fishing in Turkey There are too many rivers, lakes, estuaries and mountain streams in Turkey where you can catch lots of different species of freshwater fish and enjoy the magical nature of Anatolia. But please do not forget to remember these rules and regulations. You’re only allowed to keep a certain amount of the fish you catch. These fish must also be of a certain size. You must return fish into water unharmed. Catch and Size Limits For Freshwaters of Turkey Capoeta trutta, the longspine scraper (Karabalık) 22cm. up to 10. Chub (Tatlısu kefali) 20cm. Max 5kg. Common carp (Sazan) 40cm. Max 5 Eğirdir longsnout scraper (Siraz) 20cm. Max 5kg. Mangar Fish (Fırat turnası - Luciobarbus esocinus) 50cm. Max 1. Maya (Luciobarbus xanthopterus) 50cm. Max 1. Perch (Tatlısu levreği) 18cm. Max 5kg Pike (Turna) 40cm. Max 5. Rainbow Trout (Gökkuşağı alabalığı) No size limits and up t0 10 Sh

List of Prohibited Species of Fish in Turkey

The full list of the species illegal to fish in Turkey . Catching some species of fish and other sea creatures is absolutely illegal in Turkey. Which Species of Fish Should be Returned in Turkey? It is illegal to catch any of these at any conditions: Sandbar shark (Büyük camgöz - Carcharhinus plumbeus) School shark (Köpek balığı - Galeorhinus galeus) Porbeagle (Dikburun köpek balığı - Lamna nasus) Dolphins (Yunuslar) Whales (Balinalar) Mediterranean monk seal (Fok - Monachus monachus) Sturgeon (Mersin balıkları - Acipencer) Grass Carp (Ot sazanı - Ctenopharyngodon idella) Black Sea Salmon / Sea Trout (Deniz alası - Salmo trutta  labra) Related Pages: Fishing in Turkey   /   Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Neptune Grass / Mediterranean Tapeweed (Deniz eriştesi) Red Coral (Kırmızı mercan) Gold Coral (Siyah mercan - Gerardia savaglia) Sponge (Deniz süngerleri) Doktor Fish (Yağlı balık-Kangal balığı - Garra rufa) Kangal Fish (Beni balığı -


Everything About Fishing in Turkey If you want to catch fish while visiting this beautiful country, there are lots of things you need to know.  Here I'm going to try to be a bit helpful. I visit Turkey very often and I go fishing almost everyday while I am in there. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT FISHING IN TURKEY Do I need fishing license in Turkey - How To Get Fishing License In Turkey Fishing regulations and size restrictions for saltwater fishing in Turkey Freshwater Fishing Size and Catch Limits in Turkey The full list of the species illegal to fish in Turkey Fishing Bans in Turkey For Freshwater - Closed Seasons For Freshwater Fishing in Turkey SPECIES Common Fish Names in Turkey A monster Monkfish was caught in Turkey. You can catch lots of  interesting fish species in Turkey

Fishing License in Turkey - How To Get Fishing License In Turkey

Do I need to get a fishing license in Turkey? Do I need fishing license to fish from the boat in Turkey? Do I need fishing license for LRF in Turkey? Turkey has become a very popular country for amateur anglers from all around the world. Many of them keep asking me about the legal details. Well, technically, Yes. You do need a license. But it is not mandatory. If you are going to fish from the shore: No licence is needed.  You are visiting Turkey for a short period and you want to go around for LRF, Shore jigging, surfcasting, rock fishing etc.. You are free to enjoy your time. If you are going to fish from the boat: A fishing licence is no longer required in Turkey for amateur and recreational fishing from a boat; but the person you go fishing with (usually the owner of the boat) must hold a permit. If you rent a boat for deep sea fishing, do not forget to ask about the rules and regulations. Before Travelling to Turkey In Turkey, fishing baits, lures and all essential tackle

Best Fruits For Dogs - Fruits Your Dog Can Eat

What is the best fruit for my dog? We all want to see our dogs happy and most of us like to share our favourite food with them. But many of the fruits that we love to eat can cause severe health problems on a dog's body. Here some examples of fruits that our dogs can eat; Can I give my dog bananas? Can I feed my dog with pineapples? What happens if my dog eat grapes? Is watermelon good or bad for my dog?

Fly Fishing In Socotra Island of Yemen - Fishing Adventures in Yemen

If you are travelling to Yemen, don't forget to take your flyfishing gear with you! Socotra is an isolated island, 150 miles (240 km) east of the Horn of Africa, Somalia and  240 miles (380 km) to south of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen. To visit Socotra, you have to fly to Yemen first. What makes this island so special? A secret fishing paradise for those who like adventurous fishing trips to most unknown places on earth. There are too many different species in the crystal waters of the island for saltwater fly fishing , spinning and poppers . Because of the unique critical geographical location, it is so close to the pirates and dangerous warfare zone. But there are always some brave anglers who likes pushing the boundaries for their endless love for fly-fishing .  Here you will watch an amazing film that documents a journey of saltwater fly fishing exploration in the islands of the Soqotra archipelago. Quite simply a piscatorial adventure into the unknown. Enjoy fishing

Sea Lamprey Mating - The Most Interesting Fish of The British Isles

Have you ever see how Sea Lampreys behave during their mating season? Here a very, very clear video that shows why the sea lamprey is UK's the most interesting fish. Where can I see them? All around Britain, Western and Northern Atlantic Ocean along the shores of Europe and North America, in the Black Sea, western Mediterranean Sea, and in the shores of the Great Lakes (USA-Canada)

Top 10 Italian Fishing Rods - Best Italian Rods

Most Desired Top 10 Italian Saltwater and Freshwater Rods and Manufacturers Italy has been one of the world's most important fishing centres to the anglers for centuries. As Romans have said, 'Wherever you walk, you will see the sea'. This is Italy. A country in the hart of Mediterranean Sea and home of hundreds of lakes and crystal clear rivers, especially in the northern part. So fishing industry has always been an important sector for Italy. Today, there are more than 100 tackle manufacturers all over the country. Some of them are producing amazingly good quality Italian fishing rods .  TRABUCCO - Parma Surf Casting, Vertical Jigging Rods, Bolognesi Rods, Telematch, Specialist Feeder, Telescopic Whips, Lake Trout, River Trout, Sport Fishing Rods, Specimen & Spinning, Beach Legering, Teleboat Rods, Boat Rods, Eging & Sabiki Rods, Trolling Rods. See the newest  Trabucco rods on   Founded in 1986, thanks to the experience and passion of Roberto

Jackson Artist FR 105 - Review

A Review for Jackson Artist Lure. I was looking for a different lure that must be sparkling and I can retrieve so fast to attract all kind of species especially right before sunrise and after sunset. It also should not rattling. Because places I usually go for spinning are rather rocky shores where it suddenly gets deeper and the big pieces of rocks lay at the bottom and most of those predatory ones hang around them and they attack their victims senselessly if something swims around them so fast. They are not much attracted to any kind of sound. They just want something getting wild like themselves. So, when I saw this beautifully designed sinking hard bait on Jackson Lure website , I knew it was what exactly I have been looking for! It looks so simple but when you handle it, it feels so different. Unique shape of tail, perfectly shaped lip, huge dark eyes in red head and super-shiny body makes Jackson Artist FR 105 absolutely perfect for my needs. It's 105mm, Sinking, 15g and

Fly Fishing In Sardinia

How To Fly-Fishing in Sardinia Is it possible to catch anything by using flies in Sardinia? Well, fly fishing in Mediterranean is not as easy as in Pacific or Caribbean. Fishes of this water are so clever and believe me, most of them are much more smarter than us. Especially catching saddled sea bream is a very tricky job, with any type of rigs and baits. If you don't know how to deal with them, they make you feel like a pathetic loser. But some anglers will never give up! Like this guy in the video. He must be a talented fly fishing enthusiast.   Sardinia Fishing Map - Best Fishing Spots ( click on the map to see all the spots ) He says he used these materials for his flies: Green tinsel, Blue tinsel, Red 3d eyes, UV epoxy, Dog hairs (my dog) on Mustad hook S74SZ-340011 size 4. And bingo! He made it! Smarthead saddled bream is in the basket! If you travel to Sardinia, take your fly fishing gear with you. You never know what you will hook up ! When to Catch Fish

Jackal Kawashi Mikey - Jointed Hard Swim Bait With Feather Hook

Jackal Kawashi Mikey Lure Kawashi Mikey is a new hard bait by Jackal. It's a jointed cover cranking swimbait for freshwater bass, pike and other wild hungry predators. If you are looking for something really different, add this amazing lure in your tackle box. " Jackal Kawashi Mikey " will make your day! Jointed Hard Swim Bait With Feather Hook New curved lip design makes it dive deeper and minimizes snags Easy casting and retrieving Enhanced jointed body design makes the lure swim more life-like. Feather hook attracts fish by disguising the hook as tail.   Jackal Kawashi Mikey Colours Ghost Pearl Gill Visible Trout Ayu Pink Piraruku Jungle Black Piraruku And here the action! You will love it.

Jackal Darts Hog - Best Crawdad Soft Bait For Bass

If you are looking for a magical soft lure for bass and other freshwater species here I suggest you new secret weapon from Japan What makes this soft plastic bait so special? Jackal Darts Hog is covered with appendages that give it a mouthwatering presentation as it moves through the water Super soft  & Hand poured Once it reaches the bottom, the buoyancy keeps the tail upright and creates a great defensive craw imitation. High float material keeps the tail upright mimicking defensive crawfish.  Phantom color tail can be split for added versatility.  Jackal Darts Hog Colours Pearl White Clear Chartreuse Black Blue Flake Purple Tail Black Blue Flake Chart Tail Cola Red Flake Blood Tail Green Pumpkin Gold Chart Tail Green Pumpkin Pepper Watermelon Pepper Orange Tail Crawdad

Japanese Fishing Reel Brands - Japanese Reels

List Of The Best Fishing Reels From Japan There are a lots of fishing reel manufacturers in Japan , here you will find the most known and preferred ones by the anglers and professionals all around the world. History of making fishing reel in Japan is absolutely brilliant. Japanese fishermen have always been so inventive and productive and with the development of high-tech, now we see magnificent reels from different brands. And here we would like to share the list of the Best Japanese Fishing Reels DAIWA   Tokyo, Japan Daiwa's first spinning reel rolled off the assembly line in 1955. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest and most influential tackle companies in the world today.  Daiwa makes some of the best Japanese fishing reels for all types of fishing ; Saltwater, Baitcasting, Freshwater, Spinning, Jigging, Flyfishing, Line Counter, Power Assist and more. See the prices of Daiwa reels on   SHIMANO EU ,  SHIMANO US   Osaka, Japan

VMC Yamame Hook

Best Light Fishing Hook from VMC. This is Yamame 7128 , a new hook made by VMC. It is designed especially for In-Shore and Surfcasting, Live Bait and as Baitholder . TECHNICAL FEATURES Fine Wire Non-Reversed (Non-Offset) Non-Forged Regular Barb Regular Shank Spade End Vanadium® Steel And its coated with Black Nickel and Nickel. Very light while very resistant Designed for fresh & saltwater match fishing &  trout Solid and very sharp Needle Cone point A List Of Best Quality Fishing Hooks

Bassday Crystal Popper Review

What Makes Bassday Crystal Popper So Special? This is a magic lure for those who like light but wild top water spinning. It is a tiny transparent popper which makes it more attractive to predators especially when there is too much sunshine as its body reflects the light. Its a slowly sinking popper which gives you advantage of using it with different retrieve techniques. It also has a cute look that makes you feel good when you find it in your lure box. Bassday Crystal Popper with big eye and transparent body. A perfect baitfish I used this popper at the beach, around reefs and harbours. When I cast it into bait fish cloud, It acts like a member of them and the big hungry boys notice it quickly.  Here you can see different colours and sizes of Crystal Popper on  I sometimes retrieve it very fast and make splashes on the surface but not all the time. it's up to the conditions of water and targeted species. It's more effective when it makes splashes in earl