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Lures From Poland - Best Polish Lures

Top 10 Polish Lures. Handmade Lures, Soft Lures, Spinners. Poland has always been one of those true "fishing countries". There are over 3,000 lakes you can fish and more than 10,000 rivers and streams, which are full of all kinds of freshwater fish. And of course the gorgeous Baltic Sea coast, which is 530 km long from east to west.  In Poland fishing is one of the country's oldest traditions. You can see lots of anglers along the rivers and almost at every lake throughout the year. Even the worst weather conditions cannot stop Polish people fishing. And most of them prefer lures. So there are some guys who create and produce amazing lures for both Polish, European and world anglers. I want to introduce you to the best Polish lures, which made their names known by millions amateur fishermen all around the world. The Best Saltwater and Freshwater Lure Brands in Poland MIKADO Understanding the soul of a freshwater fisherman is the key to producing the most desired brands. M

Funny Fishing Meme For January

  The funniest fishing meme of the month .  Once you have this bad habit, yes, fishing is a bad habit if you ask my wife, you can't give up. You live with it. You just want to go fishing all the time. Even when you are so sill, even your doctor tell you that you are going to die if you don't stay home and have a rest. This month's funny fishing meme explains it perfectly and it will make you laugh. Absolutely genius haha.