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Turkish Fish Names

Common Fish Names in Turkey We love Turkey for fishing. It's still not a very popular fishing destination like the other Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Spain, Malta and Italy but I see there are more and more anglers from all around the world asking us about fishing in Turkey. A big size White Seabream which is called Sargoz in Turkish. This is my friend Mustafa, he lives in south of Turkey and he sent me this amazing picture last December. He says "the sea was terrible, it was almost impossible to get closer to the shore because of monstrous waves but it was a perfect fishing day. I caught four decent size of Sargoz in an hour" Last year my friends David and Patrick, from Texas, USA went to Turkey for a short work trip and they had a chance to fish at the beach nearby their hotel. They sent me photos of some of the fish they caught and asked me their local names. Then I remembered the emails I received from Scotland, Russia and Australia, some guys were asking

Fishing Hot Spots in Northwest Colorado

Northwest Colorado Fishing Hot Spots   You are a very lucky angler if you are in this part of Colorado because, this area is one of the finest places for fly and lure fishing in the US.  In Northwest Colorado you will have a chance to catch some 35 species of both warm- and cold-water fish. TRAPPERS LAKE This lake holds the largest population of native Colorado River cutthroat trout in the world! As the second largest natural lake in Colorado, this pristine body of water is located within the Flattops Wilderness Area, but is only a quarter-mile hike from the end of the road. Location : From Buford, 24 miles east on Highway 132. Trappers Lake is one of the best trout hot spots in Colorado RIFLE GAP RESERVOIR This reservoir supports a large population of rainbow trout, but is known for the best yellow perch and walleye fishing. Boats are allowed and camping is available. A State Parks Pass is required. Location : From Rifle, 4 miles north on Highway 325.  WOLFORD MOUNTAIN RESERVOIR Wolfo

Kentucky Fishing Limits

Kentucky Daily Fishing Limit and Size Limits If you are going to fish in Kentucky, you need to know the daily catch and size limits. There are no size limits for some species. And there are " Catch and Release Only" ones as well. Fish not included in this list are considered rough fish. There are no size or creel limits for rough fish, unless special regulations apply.  Species   - Daily Limit   - Minimum Size Limit Coosa Bass : 6 - None Kentucky Spotted Bass : 6 - None Largemouth Bass : 6 - 12” Rock Bass : 15 - None Smallmouth Bass : 6 - 12” Striped Bass : 5 - 15” Yellow Bass : None - None White & Hybrid Striped Bass : 15 - None See the most recommended bass lure for Kentucky waters on Brown Trout : 1 - 16” ​Cutthroat Trout : 1 - ​20" Rainbow Trout : 8 - None See the best trout spoon Kentucky freshwater fishing on Chain Pickerel : 5 - None Crappie (Black & White) : 20 - None Muskellunge :

Catfish in Kentucky

Why is Kentucky the best state to catch Catfish? Because there are lots of them almost in every lake and river in Kentucky. I have never seen an angler returned home without a decent size Catfish in Kentucky. Day and night, small or big lake, you will definitely hook up a Flathead or Channel Catfish or another one. Catfish Species in Kentucky All the members of The North American Catfish Family are found in the state rivers and lakes. Catfishes are easily recognized by their barbels or “whiskers” around the mouth and scaleless bodies. Kentucky has 18 species, including the White Catfish, which has been introduced. The largest portion of this family is represented by the small-sized, secretive species called madtoms. The bullheads and larger catfishes are important to anglers and commercial fishers. Catfishes have sharp senses, particularly taste and smell, which enables them to be active at night and in muddy water conditions. They also possess stout spines in the dorsal and pectoral f