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Kayak Jigging for Barracudas and Giant Groupers

Kayak fishing in Mediterranean Sea is absolutely amazing. If you know where to fish, how to do and what lures and fishing equipment to use, you will definitely return home with beautiful catches.  Jiging from a kayak is not easy for everyone. But this guy is a master of it. Jigging is an art and there are lots of big groupers and barracudas under the water waiting to see what a fisherman can show to them. Rod - Maria Steady Jigging Reels - Daiwa New Saltiga and Seagate 4500 Braid - M7W Jigging PE4 FC - Carbotex 060mm

Wisconsin River Ice-Fishing Musky

Have you ever caught a big musky on ice? If you like ice-fishing and dreaming to get a big musky, you must see this. This guy is so cool. So young but pretty professional. And "Wisconsin River" looks so perfect for "ice-fishing"

How to fish with small crankbaits in cold weather

Fishing in winter can be tricky for those who think they can use their crankbaits only in warm sunny summer days. Let's see what a pro says about it. Small crankbaits are still effective in cold water. You have to find those smaller feeding zones, fish slower and often make repeated casts. Here John Crews talks through fishing small crankbaits on a below freezing day in Alabama recently.


Mongolia River Outfitters provides guided fly-fishing adventures for Taimen, Amur trout, and Lenok. We started fly-fishing in Mongolia back in 1991 and have run extraordinary Mongolia adventures since 1993. This journey is widely recognized as one of the world's very finest fly fishing experiences. The river is the benchmark by which all other taimen streams are measured. Each autumn we are able to offer a few guests exclusive access to this stream with its awesome natural beauty and incredibly productive waters. Every year, some of the globe's finest anglers join us for these few short and very special weeks to celebrate this majestic river. Web -

Slovenia Fly Fishing - Tips and Blogs

When you stay with us in the Soca valley, you will be surrounded by the peaks of the Julian Alps. A place of enchanting beauty. With our guidance, you can experience the very best fly fishing on some of Europe’s most beautiful pristine and gin clear rivers. Fishing for the unique marble trout – often of double figures, record Soca grayling, and brown, brook and rainbow trout.. Video: Catching Rainbow Trout in Slovenia In Slovenia there is an abundance of fishing. We work hand in hand with the Fishing Associations to take you to the best fishing locations. Fishing in Slovenia is well preserved and the environment’s well-being is of great importance. Slovenia Fly Fishing -

THE FAUNA BLED - Slovenia - Fishing Blog

Fly fishing news from Slovenia, with daily reports from the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and Soca, best catches, tips on grayling, brown and rainbow trout fishing, and news from our online store. Fly Fishing in Slovenia has never been so close to you! The Fauna Bled fly fishing team extends a warm welcome to you. If you are in search of superb grayling, brown trout or rainbow trout, fly fishing on crystal-clear Slovenian rivers like the Sava Bohinjka, the Radovna or the Soca and Idrijca, you have come to the right page. Feel free to browse through all the information we offer. Video : Catching Rainbow Trout in Slovenia Fire your imagination and then pack your rods and come to Slovenia to experience fly fishing paradise for real! Should you need help, our Slovenian fishing guide will be happy to look after you and provide all you need for a fantastic day fly fishing for trout, grayling or marble trout! We look forward to meeting you in person!  The Fauna Bled -

Best Pike Attack - Underwater Video

See how a hungry pikes attacks a lure so aggressively when you use the right lure and chose the right time for fishing . Pikes are merciless creatures so,you have to focus on it. In the water, the fish is always faster than fisherman.. And especially if it's an hungry pike!  Lure: Savage Gear Cannibal Shad Have you seen this: Kayak Jigging for Barracudas and Giant Groupers

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