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Kayak Jigging for Barracudas and Giant Groupers

Kayak fishing in Mediterranean Sea is absolutely amazing. If you know where to fish, how to do and what lures and fishing equipment to use, you will definitely return home with beautiful catches.  Jiging from a kayak is not easy for everyone. But this guy is a master of it. Jigging is an art and there are lots of big groupers and barracudas under the water waiting to see what a fisherman can show to them. Rod - Maria Steady Jigging Reels - Daiwa New Saltiga and Seagate 4500 Braid - M7W Jigging PE4 FC - Carbotex 060mm

How to fish with small crankbaits in cold weather

Fishing in winter can be tricky for those who think they can use their crankbaits only in warm sunny summer days. Let's see what a pro says about it. Small crankbaits are still effective in cold water. You have to find those smaller feeding zones, fish slower and often make repeated casts.  Here John Crews talks through f ishing small crankbaits on a below freezing day in Alabama recently.