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Cross Over Uni Knot - Best Knot To Tie Braided Line To Reel

Cross Over Uni Knot For Fishing Cross Over Uni is the strongest knot for your braided line to the reel. It's very easy, not complicated at all. You want to tie braided superline to real. And you wonder how to do it properly and really strong that you can trust at any conditions. Here you go with this one!

Arbor Knot - A Basic Knot For Line To Reel

Arbor Knot  Arbor is a basic knot that helps you a lot while attaching your fishing line to the reel. The Arbor Knot is a good choice when attaching monofilament or fluorocarbon lines. This knot can be used for both baitcast or spinning reels. Of course you can use this to attach braided lines to your reel, too, but the spool must be designed as a non-slip braid-ready spool. Or tie monofilament on first and fill the spool with 5-15 wraps before filling the spool with braid or other superlines.

Best Braided Fishing Line and Biggest Braided Fishing Line Makers

Top 10 Best Braided Fishing Line Brands There are too many braided fishing lines on the market but, which is the best? Here the most known brands in the world of new fishing line era. Chose your favourite one! KastKing Origin : New York, USA Products : Classic Colours, MaxThin8, KastKing Fortis Whether it’s fishing for freshwater panfish or hunting sharks in the oceans, anglers can count on tested and proven KastKing products for reliability and top performance. Incredible knot strength, outstanding abrasion resistance, near zero stretch, smaller diameter than competitor's line and low price make KastKing one of te bests in the world. Click here  to see the newest KastKing on Ebay  VARIVAS Origin : Japan Products : Avani GT Max, Tuna, Avani Light Jigging,  Big Game, Avani Seabass, Avani Jigging Max, Eiging, Super Trout Advance, High Grade PE. Rock Beat, Shore Caster, Varivas is meeting the needs of serious anglers all over the world, with a compr