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Ice Fishing in Minnesota - Minnesota Style Ice Fishing

Minnesota is a ice-fishing heaven state. In winter season there are so many lakes, ponds and streams around. If you like ice fishing, having some good weekend fun on ice with your kids, you will definitely make it! As this guy shows us how to enjoy the ice and fishing at the same time. Tent, heating, music, comfy chair and lots and lots of fish in his bucket. Ice fishing is a true fun if you know where to go and how to do it. Imagine, in the tent, with heating system, you will feel like having a summer camp on the beach.. just grab  your fishing gear and some bait!  Enjoy. Ice Fishing Underwater Video - Perch Panfish Bluegill Under The Ice

Zander Fishing With Cannibal Shad Lure

What do you think about Savage Gear Cannibal Shad?  There are a lot of anglers around Europe trying almost every possible way to catch a big zander. In recent years soft plastic lures and hundreds varieties of shads have been so popular to hook up such big zanders. But not all of them are so effective although they looks so attractive to our eyes (but they look different to fishes).  There are some lures which always give more satisfaction. " Savage Gear Cannibal Shad " is one of them. A truly killer shad for big zanders. I have got some different sizes and colours, too. It never fails me. This guy, I think he is from Netherlands, shows us how to do it perfectly. Look at him! What an exciting zander action!

Ultra Light Lure Fishing on Shropshire Union Canal in England For Pike

Canals in England are absolutely amazing for fishing pike and perch on ultra light lures. Here a good sample of it. Simple soft light lure, right spot, passion for fishing. And the results is always satisfying. Shropshire Union Canal in Cheshire is on of the most productive canals for this type of fishing. If you are looking for a good place for winter pike and perch in Northern England ,  here you go.

Cattle Tongue Plastic Worm Lure Underwater Movements

The movements and actions of a Megabass Cattle Tongue Lure under the water It is a plastic soft worm for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It is a sinking soft plastic with a flat tail for extra movement. " Megabass cattle tongue plastic worm " is ideal to catch bass,  perch , zander, seabass, snapper, bream, pike and all kind of species that live in sandy bottoms, rocks, weedy lakes and rivers. With the combined effect of the thin and fat ribs on its body, the Cattle Tongue  displays an alluring wiggling motion like that of live bait during straight retrieves. The uniquely shaped tail, which gets thinner at one point, then fatter again, sends shivers through the body with a slight delay, creating that moment of buildup that lures in bites from fish determined to keep their prey from escaping. During falls, the water resistance interacts with the unique body shape to create an undulating motion, hooking even the most particular of fish.