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Fishing Size and Catch Limits in Тurkey

Fishing regulations and size restrictions for saltwater fishing in Turkey. Surrounded by water on three sides, total coastline of Turkey is nearly 7,200 km (4,474 miles). Aegean Sea in the west, Mediterranean Sea in south, Black Sea in north and the Sea of Marmara in north west, as a combination of different salt levels, streams, and climate changes makes the waters of Turkey very rich and creates amazingly unique marine life. If you are going to fish in Turkey, you will catch lots of different beautiful and interesting species. But you have to remember the rules and regulations, especially the size and catch limits Albacore  (Uzun kanat orkinos) - 60cm, only 1 Amberjack (Akya) - 30cm, up to 3 Atlantic Bonito, Bonito  (Palamut) - 25cm, 5kg Bluefish  (Lüfer) - 20cm, 5kg Chub mackerel - Pacific mackerel  (kolyos) - 18cm. 5kg Common Pandora  (mercan) - 15, 5kg Dentex  (Sinarit) - 35cm, 5kg Dusky Grouper  -  Mediterranean Grouper  (Orfoz) - 45cm, up to 3 Flounder  (Pi