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Fishing by Boat in the Bosphorus

Fishing Tours in Istanbul Amateur fishing enthusiasts want to fish more and this desire increased the number of fishing tours in almost every region of Turkey over the last year. Actually, the situation in the Bosphorus is different. As you know, everybody comes to mind when it comes to fishing in the Bosphorus   catching horse mackerel on various shores of the Bosphorus with 5-meter rods. In this picture in Istanbul, renting a boat and sailing to different points of the Bosphorus now included discovering new pastures and new fishing methods. Recently, at many points, more, more fishing tours, captains who rent their boat for fishing have been seen. You can search from both the Anatolian Side and the European Side, from many points in Istanbul, and you can find boat offers and captains on website for fishing on the Bosphorus. There are some points to be aware of for those who go on a fishing tour by boat in the Bosphorus . First of all, although long telescopic rods

Antalya Fishing Tours

Fishing Charters in Antalya If you are seeking to participate in boat tours in Antalya,  we offer our quality service conditions for you. You can join Antalya fishing tours from Aksu, Alanya, Circuit, Kaş, Kemer, Kepez, Serik, Finike districts, which is one of the most beautiful activities you can do within the scope of your holiday and where you can swim by sailing. Antalya Fishing Tour Program In our Antalya fishing tour program, we take you from the points you want to participate in the tour with our shuttles and reach Kaleiçi marina. After a comfortable journey with our service facilities, you can reach your boat and enjoy the blue cruise. Within the scope of our program, we provide you with the opportunity to take a cruise from the Antalya Kaleiçi coast and the opportunity to swim in the sea and join the lunch or dinner accompanied by a barbecue after our advance to the sea. During the whole program, you can experience amateur angling in the areas that are most convenient to catc