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Does perch eat pike?

Perch eats pike or not? Have you ever seen how do big perches behave when they see a dead small pike?

This underwater footage shows what actually happens if you use a smaller pike as the only bait to catch big perch in the lake or a small stream or canal.

big perches eat a dead small pike

One of the most interesting underwater perch video I have ever seen. I strongly suggest those perch and pike funs to watch this sensational capture.

Prawn Rig For Big Perch

The most effective rig for perch fishing with prawns.

The most effective rig for perch fishing with prawns

Have you ever tried to catch big perch with prawns?

The fishy aroma and soft texture of prawns are absolutely irresistible for many predator species and especially big perches in canals, lakes and rivers. Smaller perches are easy to catch, but if you are targeting the bigger ones, you definitely need something like this in the video. This professional angler explains how to make the special perch rig perfectly.