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The Best Japanese LRF Lures For The Mediterranean

Which Japanese Lures For The Mediterranean Sea? We are continuing to share the most recommended Japanese light rock fishing lures for the Mediterranean Sea. These are the best lures from Japan that the anglers of this old sea who love catching breams, barracudas, groupers, trevally, sea bass, lichia, painted comber, horse mackerel, needlefish and many more. Minnows and Hardbaits Dover 46 SS Slow Sinking, 46mm 2.3g Effective for various types of rockfish and smaller predators ( gilt-head bream, comber, small barracudas, horse mackerel, needlefish, sea bass etc ). See the prices on Spearhead Ryuki 50 ( Floating, Medium Deep Diver, Sinking 50 mm, 2.8gr. 3.8gr, 4.5 gr ) A perfect choice for Light Rock Fishing on all shores of the Mediterranean . Take a Spearhead Ryuki with you for fishing at spiky cliffs of Greek islands, sandy bottoms off Algerian beaches, shallow waters off Turkish shores, fruitful harbours of Spain. DUO really knows this job very well.  See the

Best Fly Fishing Spots in Colorado

The most recommended guide for the best fishing spots in Colorado for Flyfishing. Who doesn't love the wildest rivers, great lakes, crystal clear spring streams and amazing creeks of Colorado which are always full of fish? If you are a flyfishing guy or girl, Colorado is the true paradise on earth. No worried about the seasons and weather conditions, as long as you have your fly gear with you, you will always catch lots of fish in this state. Especially winter fly fishing is a great fun. Yes, it usually is very cold but you will love it. Spring, Summer and Falls are the best times to enjoy the the stunning nature of magical mountains and forests as well. Related Articles Top 10 Saltwater Fly Lines The Best Travel Fly Rods For Your Next Trip Where to Go Fishing in Colorado, The Best Locations for Fly Fishing There are more than 300 rivers and 4,000 lakes and reservoirs in Colorado. As you see, it's a massive water state. Fish are everywhere, of course, but some spots are million

Swordfish Fishing in Turkey

Catching Swordfish in Turkey Swordfish can be found in deep waters throughout the Mediterranean Sea and some parts of Turkey's southern shores are home to these super fast predators. Anglers who like deep water fishing and open water trolling should definitely try catching swordfish in Turkey during the right season. Scientific Name : Xiphias gladius Turkish Name : Kılıç ICUN Red List : Least Concern `( Decreasing ) Distribution : Found throughout the Mediterranean and Aegean coast of Turkey in summer months. More common on the south coasts ( from Antalya to Iskenderun ) in August and September. What They Eat : Sardines, mackerel, bluefish, bonitos, squid, crustaceans. Swordfish Fishing Seasons and Restrictions in Turkey Unfortunately, recent years have seen swordfish numbers decline significantly. There have been a number of different restrictions placed on both anglers and commercial fishermen in an attempt to halt the decline. Restricted Dates You are NOT allowed to catch sword

Fishing Techniques and Lures For Seasonal Temperatures

Useful Fishing Notes, Locations, Lures and Techniques For Seasonal Water Temperatures Everyone likes to go fishing whenever it's possible, but the fish don't behave according  to our desires. They have a life too and they change their lifestyle to survive throughout the seasons as the water gets warm, too warm, cold and too cold.  Fishing and Seasons I saw this chart on social media (instagram) last night and I wanted to share it with all my enthusiastic friends who believe fishing must be done absolutely properly. It's made by Andrew & Zack and their youtube channel is called Looking 4 Fish . Let's see how to fish, where to fish, what to use to catch fish during four seasons. WINTER FISHING Water Temperature 30 - 60 Techniques and Locations - Fish deep and slow. Look for deep structure on the map. Deep channels and ledges leaning to those channels. Vertical jig spoons over humps for boaters. Best Lure Options Jigging Spoons Crankbaits Swimbaits SPRIN