Heavy Casting For Mediterranean Snapper and Dentex

Make your dreams real, catch the biggest Dentex and Snapper.

Every angler who lives around Mediterranean Sea dreams to catch a giant dentex or big snappers. These fish are so strong and you feel their awesome strength when you get the first bite. Heavy casting from the beach is not easy.

Mediterranean SnapperSo most of  the amateur fishingmen try catch big snappers and dentex from the boat in deep waters, but this guy knows how to catch these beautiful creatures from the beach.
They also taste so good. Dentex is my favourite fish to grill. And the snapper is best in foil with veggies.

Adult dentex can reach a length of 1 metre (3 ft), and weight up to 16 kg (35 lb). Body is oval and compressed. While young dentex are brown-blue with blue fins, adults are grey-blue. And usually found in shallow water less than 50 m deep.

Catching these huge fish is an amazing feeling. Also great fun as you will catch them while having a little picnic as you have to wait for the fish to bite. Dentex is a powerful fish and they become like a tank as they get bigger. So you need a proper heavy casting rods and reels. Here on https://ebay.us/XKYvVP  you can see the the most popular ones which are used by many of my friends in Greece, Malta, Italy, Cyprus and Turkey. 

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