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Fishing Rules and Regulations in Greece

If you are going to fish in Greece, at any Greek island, you have to remember these Fishing Rules and Regulations .

#Fishing with a net is forbidden

#Spear fishing is not allowed anywhere in Greece during the month of May

#It is illegal to use spears with any kind of compressed gas, including air and CO2, or any kind of explosive charge

It is illegal to spearfish with any kind of underwater light source such as a flashlight or torch at any time. This includes night fishing and fishing inside caves

#Fishing with explosives is illegal, as is fishing with compressed gas

#There are minimum sizes regarding the capture of many types of fish and of octopus.

You can find information on minimum measurements from the port authorities or on the Ministry of Nautical Affairs website: www.yen.gr
Fishing Rules and Regulations in Greece
Restricted Areas for Amateur Fisherman
Certain smaller islands may be protected or have restrictions in place regarding fishing. Check for signs stating that fishing is prohibited or check with the port authority about local regulations.

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