Bluegill Fishing in Ohio

Fishing Bluegill In Ohio

Big Bluegill Fishing in OhioFor this April I was planning to go fishing in Alabama to catch my first bluegill. But this morning I found my self walking through a mystical dark forest near New Straitsville, Perry County, Southeast Ohio to find a little pond at an old coal mine.

I was so ready and excited to catch a bluegill because I have never seen one before. We don't have it in European lakes. For local fisherman it's not a special fish at all and nothing to get excited about it. They catch smaller bluegills to use as live bait to catch big catfish and decent size largemouth bass. 

I quickly made a simple rig; a small size hook and bobber on a 23mm line. Here they use worms to catch everything. So I followed my friends. Even though I hate using live creatures to catch fish, I had no choice..

My First Bluegill
They were everywhere. Around the old trees, bushes, weeds, deep bottoms, shore and all over the pond. It felt like I was dead and I fell on Bluegill Paradise. They just love worm and attack it like a shark. I really enjoyed playing with them. It was an awesome day for me. I liked catching bluegill in Ohio and I hope I will visit this magical region again to catch even bigger ones in future.

Bluegill fishing in Ohio Perry County

My first Bluegill was really a good, decent size one. This is the second catch. It was rather a small one but it attacked the worm like a piranha.

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