Antalya Fishing Tours

Fishing Charters in Antalya
If you are seeking to participate in boat tours in Antalya,  we offer our quality service conditions for you. You can join Antalya fishing tours from Aksu, Alanya, Circuit, Kaş, Kemer, Kepez, Serik, Finike districts, which is one of the most beautiful activities you can do within the scope of your holiday and where you can swim by sailing.

Antalya Fishing Tours

Antalya Fishing Tour Program

In our Antalya fishing tour program, we take you from the points you want to participate in the tour with our shuttles and reach Kaleiçi marina. After a comfortable journey with our service facilities, you can reach your boat and enjoy the blue cruise.

Within the scope of our program, we provide you with the opportunity to take a cruise from the Antalya Kaleiçi coast and the opportunity to swim in the sea and join the lunch or dinner accompanied by a barbecue after our advance to the sea. During the whole program, you can experience amateur angling in the areas that are most convenient to catch the fish that we have determined in our route, and you can see the magnificent nature views within the scope of our trip route.

Antalya Fishing Tour Duration

Our Antalya fishing tours take 10 hours. If you prefer our 10-hour fishing tour that starts in the morning, you can join lunch on our boat, swim, sunbathe and fish in the areas where we will anchor in the deep blue sea. If you join our tour in the evening, you can have your dinner on our stylish boat and magnificent nature view after fishing. Again, within the scope of our cruise trips, you will have the opportunity to witness the most perfect views of Antalya and the sunset in the sea.

Which Days Are Antalya Fishing Tours Organised?

We organize our Antalya fishing tour activities that we offer for you every weekday and every day of the week, on Saturdays and Sundays. In order to participate in our fishing tours, you can book our programs that include excursions, fishing, swimming, barbecue on the boat, which we offer in two different periods, morning or evening, every day of the week.

Antalya Fishing Tours Dishes

Our Antalya amateur fishing tour menus include fresh fish varieties, salad, cold drink, and pasta that we caught during fishing. We prepare the fresh fish we serve in our lunch or dinner service on the stylish barbecue on the boat. You can take advantage of our hot beverage service after the fish we serve with barbecued vegetables, salads with plenty of greenery and cold drinks to suit your taste. In this context, you can sip tea or coffee while having pleasant conversations with your friends.

Features of Antalya Fishing Tour Boats

Our Antalya fishing boats have electronic products that you can use in case of need such as WC, kitchen, shower areas, TV, refrigerator. Our boats have a fish finder and an above sea radar system. While traveling to routes where you can fish in the most enjoyable way with the fish finder, it is safe in dark and foggy areas with the above sea radar system. We travel under conditions. Especially within the scope of our night fishing tours, we ensure that you reach the places where the fish are concentrated by providing the safest driving in dark areas and by performing the appropriate actions to the data of the routes of other marine vehicles.

 Our service team, who will serve your lunch or dinner, accompanies you on our boats. Our boats have sound system, lighting systems, terrace area for sitting and fishing. Thanks to the sound system on our boat, you can have fun all day long with pleasant music options, dance on the boat and have pleasant moments accompanied by the brisk music broadcasts of our DJ accompanying you. If you spend time in a pleasant environment with our light systems on our boat at night fishing tours, you will find the opportunity to view the sea in more detail during fishing. Using our 220 Volt boat sockets, you can charge your electronic devices you need.

Music Broadcasting During Antalya Fishing Tours

We perform our music broadcast in the company of our DJ on our Antalya fishing tours. In order to dance and have pleasant moments in the middle of the deep blue sea we sailed by boat, you can take advantage of the music broadcast accompanied by DJ, by conveying the list of your favourite songs to us, you can take the pleasant moments a step further. Within the scope of music broadcasts, we first obtain the lists of your favourite songs from you, and in the second step, we broadcast these songs and carry out our works so that you can listen to pleasant songs accompanied by the pleasant scenery of nature while fishing.

You can get information and support from for Antalya boat and yacht rental options and very reasonable prices, including or excluding the organisation of the Antalya fishing tour with dinner. You can also contact us at +90 531 367 65 76 whenever you want. We also suggest Antalya Airport Transfer to get to your hotel or boat safely from the airport.


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