Fishing with turkey

How to catch big fish with turkey

how to catch big fish with turkey

We used to buy cheap chicken from the shop, get rid off the skin and use the white flesh of it as the second bait if we can'd find fresh or live shrimp. Even sometimes we were using a whole small chicken for fun and just to tease smaller predators, crabs and even octopuses. But we have never though of hooking up and whole turkey to catch fish!

Today a good friend of mine asked me if I can remember those adventurous days. And then showed me this;


 I couldn't believe what I saw! A whole turkey was used as the main bait to catch gigantic groupers! Absolutely crazy and breathtaking excitement. Well, they obviously live around such waters where they can find huge fishes with hungry big mouth. I really am jealous now. delicious turkey meat for grouper. That's it!


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