Turkish Fish Names

Common Fish Names in Turkey

We love Turkey for fishing. It's still not a very popular fishing destination like the other Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Spain, Malta and Italy but I see there are more and more anglers from all around the world asking us about fishing in Turkey.

A big size White Seabream which is called Sargoz in Turkish. This is my friend Mustafa, he lives in south of Turkey and he sent me this amazing picture last December. He says "the sea was terrible, it was almost impossible to get closer to the shore because of monstrous waves but it was a perfect fishing day. I caught four decent size of Sargoz in an hour"
White Seabream Fishing in Turkey

Last year my friends David and Patrick, from Texas, USA went to Turkey for a short work trip and they had a chance to fish at the beach nearby their hotel. They sent me photos of some of the fish they caught and asked me their local names. Then I remembered the emails I received from Scotland, Russia and Australia, some guys were asking me the Turkish names of the common fish species they caught or saw when they visited Turkey. 
So, here I want to list the species you will definitely catch in Turkey and you will know what you are holding in your hand.

How the most common fish species are called in Turkish

Ahtapot - Octopus

Akya, Avcı - Amberjack

Bakalyoz - Whiting

Balon - Pufferfish

Berlam - European hake

Çıplak - Leerfish

Çipura -Gilt-head Bream

Dülger, Peygamber Balığı - John Dory

Eşkina - Corb ( Brown meagre )

Hamsi - Anchovy

İskorpit, Dikenli Balık - Scorpionfish ( Black )

Isparos - Annular Sea Bream

İspendek - Juvenile Sea Bass

İstavrit - Horse Mackerel ( Atlantic )

Kalamar - Squid

Kalkan - Black Sea turbot

Karagöz - Two-banded sea bream, Sargo

Kefal - Mullet ( Black mullet, flathead mullet )

Kırlangıç - Gurnard

Kırma Mercan - Axillary seabream

Kupes - Bogue

Kolyos - Chub mackerel

Lagos, Lahoz, Grida - White grouper

Levrek - Sea bass

Lüfer - Bluefish

Melanur - Saddled Seabream

Melanur is one of the most difficult fishes to catch, but once you get it, you will have the best fishing fun in Turkey. Use small lures, shrimp or just bread.
Melanur Saddled Seabream Turkey

Mercan - Pandora

Mırmır - Striped Seabream ( Sand Steenbras )

Minekop - Shi Drum, Sea Crow

Orfoz ( Arap ) - Dusky grouper

Orkinos - Atlantic bluefin tuna

Palamut - Bonito ( Atlantic )

Papağan, Iskaroz - Parrotfish

Sarı Kuyruk - Greater amberjack, Yellowtail

Sardalya - Sardine

Sargoz - White Seabream

Sarpa - Salema, Dreamfish

Sinarit - Dentex ( Common )

Sokar - Dusky Spinefoot ( Marbled Spinefoot )

Sokar is a very popular fish to catch easily especially along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.
Spinefoot fish in Turkey

Tekir - Striped Red Mullet

Tombik - Frigate Tuna

Trakonya - Weever ( Greeter Weever )

Turna - Barracuda ( Mediterranean Barracuda )

Uskumru - Mackerel ( Atlantic Mackerel )

Yazılı Hani - Painted Comber

Zargana - Garfish, Needlefish

Now you know most of the common fish names in Turkish. Share it with your friends who are planning to travel to Turkey for fishing or holiday. They will thank you -)


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