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Glass Shrimp - How To Tie Glass Shrimp

One of the most irresistible fly for saltwater predators; Glass Shrimp. If you are into fly fishing, watch this out!
Here we will see fly tier master Morten Hansen aka coastfly ties his Glass Shrimp using an Ahrex NS122 hook.
Glass Shrimp for Fly Fishing

Winter Rainbow Trout Fishing in Ontario

Rainbow Trout Fishing in Ontario
Fishing rainbow trout in frozen creeks and streams is magically exciting during winter season in Southern Ontario. This is one of those days, a good friend of mine, an adventurous young angler catching big rainbow trouts (steelhead) right in front of a waterfall which was completely frozen, near Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

We saw huge rainbow trouts underneath the frozen parts of the creek. They were inactive and not responding to our most delicious baits at all. But this guy knows how to provoke them. And finally he caught a few good ones and of course released them back.

In this video he has caught another big trout and I was following him all the way down the stream until I fell on ice :)

Global Warming and Fishing

The great fish migration has begun... 
fish migration
Rainforests, polar bears, garden plants.. all affected by increasing global warming and there are massive campaigns to protect our environment against this threat. But what about the fishes? What do we know about the stress they have because of global warming?

Here https://goo.gl/qDz5zO an interesting must read article at The Guardian "How warming seas are forcing fish to seek new waters"

Russians Spearfishing The Biggest Halibut in Norway

Russian men spearfishing a monster halibut in Norwegian Sea.
It's one of the biggest halibut ever fished by speargun in Norway. Russians travel to North of Norway to find the greatest monster fish.
Spearfishing The Biggest Halibut in Norway
Let's see this amazing halibut hunt

Feed Lures Flip 25 Jig - Shiny Gold Colour

Feed Free Flutter Fantasy Jig. Flip 25
I love Feed jigs! Perfect design, perfect casting, mesmerizing colours. I have about a dozen of different sizes and colours of these magic free flutter jigs.
Here a 25 grams shiny gold / glow colour 109 (7109) flip with Shout Rigged Assist Hook with Rainbow Feather (Size M). It's 75mm (3 inch). Like all other Feed Lures  it makes casting from the shore very easy in all kind of water and weather conditions especially if you are trying to catch bonitos, gruper, barracuda, mackerel, snapper and big breams. I attached an Owner single replacement hook, Size 1, black chrome. It's works well if you are chasing fish with sharp teeth, like barracudas.

Feed Free Flutter Jig

Feed Lures Flip 25
 back side of the jig
Feed Lures Flip 25 Metal Jig

Duo Press Bait Kamuy With Single Hook - Why I Love This Jig Minnow

One of the most interestingly effective jig minnow from Duo is Press Bait Kamuy. This is a seriel killer for all kind of shy but merciless predators in salwaters. It comes with a  1/0 size single hook.

Here I want to show you the one I use very often for bonitos, garrick and mahi-mahi (lampuka).  It's 110mm and 25g. I chose Blue Bait-Hokkaido Limited Color for clear deep waters of Mediterranean and it works really good.

Did you catch a fish with Press Bait Kamuy with single hook? Send me your photos I'll post on this page: 

Duo Press Bait Kamuy

Duo Press Bait Kamuy Single Hook Sinking Lure Hokkaido Blue Bait

Press Bait Kamuy Lure

Press Bait Kamuy DUO Jig Hokkaido Color

Duo Minnow Lure Press Bait Kamuy

 Press Bait Kamuy Sinking Pencil Hokkaido Color


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Goldfish do not have stomachs. Different parts of their intestines do the job of breaking down food and absorbing nutrients.