Duo Press Bait Kamuy With Single Hook


My Favourite Single Hook Lure, Press Bait Kamuy

One of the most interestingly effective jig minnow from Duo is Press Bait Kamuy. This is a serial killer for all kind of shy but merciless predators in saltwater. It comes with a  1/0 size single hook.

Why I Love This Jig Minnow

Here I want to show you the one I use very often for bonitos, needlefish and mahi-mahi (lampuka).  It's 110mm and 25g. I chose Blue Bait-Hokkaido Limited Color for clear deep waters of Mediterranean and it works really good.

Did you catch a fish with Press Bait Kamuy with single hook? Send me your photos I'll post on this page.

Duo Press Bait Kamuy Jig Minnow Single Hook

Duo Press Bait Kamuy Single Hook Sinking Lure Hokkaido Blue Bait

Press Bait Kamuy Lure

Press Bait Kamuy DUO Jig Hokkaido Colour

Duo Jig Minnow Press Bait Kamuy Single Hook

Press Bait Kamuy Sinking Pencil Hokkaido Color

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