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Feed Lures Flip 25 Jig - Shiny Gold Colour

Feed Free Flutter Fantasy Jig. Flip 25
I love Feed jigs! Perfect design, perfect casting, mesmerizing colours. I have about a dozen of different sizes and colours of these magic free flutter jigs.
Here a 25 grams shiny gold / glow colour 109 (7109) flip with Shout Rigged Assist Hook with Rainbow Feather (Size M). It's 75mm (3 inch). Like all other Feed Lures  it makes casting from the shore very easy in all kind of water and weather conditions especially if you are trying to catch bonitos, gruper, barracuda, mackerel, snapper and big breams. I attached an Owner single replacement hook, Size 1, black chrome. It's works well if you are chasing fish with sharp teeth, like barracudas.

Feed Free Flutter Jig

Feed Lures Flip 25
 back side of the jig
Feed Lures Flip 25 Metal Jig


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Goldfish do not have stomachs. Different parts of their intestines do the job of breaking down food and absorbing nutrients.