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Brown Wrasse - Labrus Merula

Labrus Merula as its known "Brown Wrasse" in English, a beautiful reef fish that lives amongst the seaweed and rocks.  Spanish people call it "El Merlo". And in Southern Turkey its called "Yesil Kayacil (Green Rock Fish)".  It is native to the Eastern Atlantic from Portugal to Morocco, including the Azores, and Mediterranean Sea as well. Brown Wrasse do not exceed 40 cm (16 in). It is important to local populations as a food fish and can also be found in the aquarium trade (I hate this!)

I have caught one Brown wrasse near Mersin, Turkey. I didn't eat it, so I don't know how it tastes like. I released it back into blue waters and watched it under the sea. It immediately went under a big rock and then jumped into weeds that cover the rocks.

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Photo by Alessandro Duci @ Wikipedia - Photo taken in Liguria, Italy
Wrasse Fish