Atlantic Saury - Let's Talk About Atlantic Saury

What do you know about this fish?

Atlantic Saury is not a very popular fish for anglers or big commercial boats. That's why I love this fish. It's cute, exciting. childish, happy, and very, very delicious if you know how to cook it.

Latin Name - Scomberesox saurus

Shape - Has a narrow body and a long, beak-like snout lined with tiny teeth. it has a single dorsal and anal fin, each followed by a series of small finlets.

Colour - The body is clear green above and bright silver on the sides.

What does it like to eat?
Atlantic Saury lives in large schools that chase and capture smaller fish, shrimp-like crustaceans, phytoplankton and fish larvae.

Source: Gervais H
Atlantic Saury

Predators it hates
Tuna, marlin, bluefish, amberjack

Lenght - Atlantic Saury grows about 35 cm in length (maximum of 50 cm)
Weight - Not recorded (if you catch a giant one, please contact us)

Where does Atlantic Saury live?
Mainly North Atlantic and Mediterranean
Depth -  0–30 m  (0–100 ft)

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