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Stages of Poison Ivy Rash and Blisters

This is how Poison Ivy destroys your skin. Here the stages of poison ivy rash and blisters.
Poison Ivy makes your arms and hands look horrible. Scary scars of Poison Ivy.

While I was trying to find a good spot for fishing at a lake, I stupidly touched poison ivy.. and here the results of it's harm on my skin.

In this Youtube video you can see how it looks when the poison covers the skin: https://youtu.be/gJ3R2p7madg

This is how it started
Poison Ivy Rash, Poison Ivy Blisters

And only in 4 days it become terribly disturbing
Poison Ivy scars on the skin and Poison ivy rash and big blisters
 After two weeks, finally it started to heal up.. but still badly itchy and swollen
Poison ivy healing up photos. Terrible view of poison ivy blisters


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