Shore Jigging for Leerfish

How to catch a 7kg leerfish from shore.

Saltwater Shore Jigging is a great fun when you know your target fish and have the right gear in your tackle box.

catching leerfish with shore jigging daiwa rod and hayabusa jigs
Here you will see a perfect sample of shore jigging fun ending up with a 7kg giant leerfish.

Location: Montenegro (Adriatic Sea)
Rod: Daiwa Megaforce Pilk 40-100 , 2.70
Reel: Shimano Spheros 6000SW
Jig: Hayabusa Jack Eye Slide 60 gr
Line: Sunline Line Cast Away P.E 2 (30lb/13,5kg)
Shock Leader: Salt Water Fluorocarbon Trabucco XPS T Force 0.5 mm (37lb/17kg)

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