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An Outstanding Example of Anglo Saxon Architecture Church

Anglo Saxon All Saints' Church, Brixworth

This Grade A church is an outstanding example of Anglo Saxon architecture. Amongst a number of changes, a spire was added in the 14 century which was struck by lightning in the 18 century. The stone engraving near the entrance is known as Brixworth Eagle and is probably from the Roman villa to the north. The west tower has a ring of six bells dating from 1622 with the most recent addiction cast in 1993. All Saints' Church, Brixworth, Northamptonshire is the largest English church that remains substantially as it was in the Anglo-Saxon era.

Built in: 7th Century
Style: Anglo-Saxon Romanesque
Location: Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England

All Saints' Church, Brixworth

Brixworth Eagle

Anglo Saxon Church Cemetery

Anglo-Saxon Romanesque Style Church

Anglo-Saxon Church Northamptonshire

Brixworth Eagle Church tower

All Saints' Church, Brixworth tower bell


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