Vamp Lure - Zacatak Vamp

VAMP game fishing lure by Zacatak for marlin, tuna, swordfish, sailfish and all other pelagic species.

The Vamp is an aggressive performer designed for maximum action, vibration and turbulence. The violent shaking action produced by this lure range makes it so realistic you'll think you're trolling live bait!
The Zacatak Vamp is available in five sizes, from " sized lure right up to the Extra Large 14" lure.

Vamp Lure for Marlin Dorado Barracuda Dolphin Swordfish Amberjack Sailfish
Colours of VAMP lures are; Black Night, Black Wasp, Chain, Green Lantern, Green Luminescent Dorado, Joker, Salt and Pepper, Sniper, Storm Cloud, Evil, Purple Haze, Blue Green, Stripy, Pink Howler, Otto, Maui Blue, Kona, Vasp, Pinky, Hot Vasp, Blue Hawai, Hot Hawaian, Redbait, Yamas, Slimy, Sacred Saury, Green Scad, Purple Scad, Fire Scad, Green Slash, Slash, Spanish Flag, Storm Cloud, Pilchard, Zucchini, Secret Stripy, Secret Squid.

Extra Small 6.5"
The Small 8" Vamp is an aggressive performer used predominately in calm water. A violent shaking action allows the Small Vamp to function as an effective small teaser with hooks, luring fish from behind the spread. When used in rough conditions, the Small Vamp behaves further back in the long rigger and short rigger positions. Suggested skirt colours include Zacatak, Celica, Stripy and Frigate.
Head Diameter: 26mm
Min Line Class: 6kg
Max Trace: 200lb

Medium 10"
The Medium 10" Vamp is an aggressive lure, capable of emitting the vibrations and commotion of lures twice its size! This secret weapon of the short corner shakes and dives to attract fish from the back of the spread, continuing to perform in any position.
Head Diameter: 38mm
Min Line Class: 10kg
Max Trace: 300lb

Large 12.5"
The Large 12.5" Vamp exhibits remarkable action and turbulance, causing bounce tip in your rod that may take some getting used to! Created for the short corner, this lure trolls like live bait! An easy lure to use, the Large Vamp will perform in all positions through rough conditions.
Head Diameter: 48mm
Min Line Class: 24kg
Max Trace: 400lb

Extra Large 14"
The Extra Large 14" Vamp is fittingly known as 'The Beast'. Observing this feisty lure in action, it is apparent how closely the Extra Large Vamp mimics live bait. This lure's movement is so realistic you know it will be taken.
Head Diameter: 57mm
Min Line Class: 37kg
Max Trace: 600lb

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