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Zacatak Thunderstruck Lure

THUNDERSTRUCK by Zacatak is an ultimate game fish lure for the wildest and fastest predators.

Zacatak Thunderstruck Lure Review Australia

A distinct visual lure, "Thunderstruck" is extremely erratic in action, travelling from side to side with a double splash motion due its collar. You will never see another lure smoke and dive like this baby does.

Thunderstruck Medium  (Size 10")
The goal from the outset was to design a lure unlike any other. What followed was the evolution of a game fishing lure fusing the characteristics of slant head, cup face and pusher lures.
Head Diameter: 39mm
Min Line Class: 15kg
Max Trace: 400lb

Colours of Zacatak Thunderstruck are; Black Night, Blue Express, Black Wasp, Chain, Green Lantern, Green Luminescent Dorado, Green Knight, Joker, Itty Billy, Salt and Pepper, Sniper, Storm Cloud, Evil, Purple Haze, Blue Green, Stripy, Pink Howler, Otto, Oily Delta Blue, Oily Fin, Maui Blue, Kona, Vasp, Pinky, Hot Vasp, Blue Hawai, Hot Hawaian, Redbait, Yamas, Slimy, Sacred Saury, Green Scad, Secret Frigate, Purple Scad, Fire Scad, Green Slash, Slash, Shrec, Spanish Flag, Storm Cloud, Pilchard, Zucchini, Secret Stripy, Secret Squid, Yum Yum, Gelato Yum Yum and Yellowtail.